Rootless Launcher has been removed from the Google Play Store

Rootless Launcher has been removed from the Google Play Store

We recently gave you some news that, in the personalization sector, is quite good: the Rootless Launcher landed on Google Play, the best adaptation of the Pixel Launcher that currently exists. The Pixel Launcher is exclusive to Google and this is a great alternative for those (like me) who want the most stock experience possible.

Upgrade: After complying with the Google Rootless Launcher rules, you are again in the Play Store.

Well, Google has not had compassion, it has taken out the baneador hammer and has removed this launcher from Google Play. The main developer has spoken, and not only that, but the reasons have been exposed and … are more than questionable.

The Rootless Launcher disappears because of Google

Rootless Launcher has been removed from the Google Play Store

The reason Google has given to remove the app is simple: according to the great G, this app allows you to install third-party applications from unknown sources. The developer has not been waiting and has sent a message on the subject:

Great, my Play Store launch was suspended for this reason: applications that make users download or install applications from unknown sources outside of Google Play are prohibited.

That means I can't have the Bridge installation popup as it is now and I need to find an alternative solution.

Also, it seems that my package name could be permanently banned, which means that people will have to install the launcher again and set up their home screen again when I publish it again. This happened due to an error of mine and I will try to fix it as soon as possible. I don't have much time, but I'll try to fix it tonight.

Rootless Launcher has been removed from the Google Play Store

This developer, called Amir Zaidi, has said he will appeal this decision. It will modify the app so that the Bridge installer does not jump, and thus refute Google's reason for banning. Anyway, if you don't get it, You will have to create the app from scratch, modify it and upload it again. Thus, users will lose all their settings when the launcher is republished.

As always, the Rootless Launcher can be downloaded via APK Mirror and there is already an updated version with the modification. This shows that Google is closing more and more to Android, and that although this is an open system, the great G practically forces us to use its store, in the absence of good alternatives with which we can be calm when dispensing with the Play Store.