Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing takes you to fast races in legendary cars

Rebel Racing is a new car racing game which leads you to feel all the excitement of the speed mounted on one of those iconic cars such as the Mustangs or the same Ford GT.

A speed game in which what matters is knowingcelebrate nitro at the right time to use or skid to take the curve like nobody else and thus overtake your competitors inside. A new title in which the environments stand out, although we are left with circuits that barely last the minutes.

Use nitro and overtake everyone

Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing is a new racing game for Android in which the controls are very simple and it has a very arcade touch, although it does not lack some realistic touch such as the clash against objects and the rest of the cars we will face.

Rebel Racing

It offers that feeling of being before a racing simulator, although as levels go by we could almost say that we are even facing a casual for how fast the games are. And they will not last even the minute so that when we realize we are already crossing the finish line.

It is very important that we are attentive to nitros or turbo, since they will decide, at advanced levels, the difference between being in first place or being in between. This means more money, and more money in a freemium game like Rebel Racing leads us to more advances and less time and energy consumption.

Without fuel you don't compete in Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing is a game in which there is energy and which they have called fuel or gasoline That is, if you do not have gasoline, you will not be able to compete and you will have to wait for it to be recharged or checkout. A full-fledged freemium that puts you intense games, but you know that as you give it a lot, you will have to endure in many times.

Rebel Racing

One of the positive aspects of Rebel Racing and more cool, are the licenses of a lot of cars. Being able to buy a Mustang is a sensation and for those who like the world of automotive and real cars, you will enjoy the beauty of some of the models that have this car title.

The races happen to be levels that we will travel again and again beating against a particular opponent. That is, we will be obtaining new levels, but we will return to others to complete them a series of times.

A very well recreated environment

Rebel Racing

Another of the stitches of this Rebel Racing are the environments. Sometimes very cool planes open and show the richness of elements that contain the circuits. And to be very short, it could not be otherwise. At least there is a great dynamism in running, passing the menus and reloading another level. It's going to have to be that way, at the expense, of course, of gasoline or energy.

A new racing game that is technically very good, although when it picks up speed it gives the feeling that the vehicle sometimes "skates". We really like how well the environments and the design of the vehicles are achieved with their reflections and offering that feeling of being in front of a real Mustang.