Possible camera of the next Huawei P30

Possible camera of the next Huawei P30

As far as innovation is concerned, the section of the camera of our devices is in constant progress and more and more we see new sensors or the integration of more than one of them in the terminals.

We know that Huawei's next top device, the P30, is already approaching and it is just one of its camera sensors that has been described in the last of its leaks.

With information collected from Gizmochina we bring the main characteristics that said sensor will have. The model of this will be the Sony IMX607, a 38 MP sensor that is barely talked about and is described by a feature exceptional performance with low lighting.

This phrase is the one that really attracts attention because if the smartphones suffer from something, it is the quality of their photographs in low-light environments. The technology of the IMX607 allows to improve the quality of the photographs by reducing noise and increasing light collection.

The fact that the P30 could count on this sensor comes out of the rumor that one of the collaborators in the creation of the sensor is the same Huawei.

Something that, if we can assure based on the facts, is that Huawei always excel in the camera section as it has done with more recent terminals. Don't you think about this? Are you a Huawei fan? Do not forget to leave your response in the comment box, we are reading.

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