Pornhub makes you happy Valentine's Day: free access to its premium content

Pornhub makes you happy Valentine's Day: free access to its premium content

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Today, February 14, is the day: Pornhub gives access to its Premium content without paying anything, that is, completely free. To celebrate love as a couple (or alone, or in groups, even that no one is censored here), the world's largest pornographic site has enabled a special site for all those interested in knowing the quality of their paid content .

Some of the relevant features of Pornhub Premium are: high quality videos from studios such as Brazzer, Mofos and Digital Playground; full HD movies (1080p); and content in 4K resolution and to be displayed in virtual reality viewers (2160p). Of course, as with other digital payment services, all without ads.

The fee that must be paid to enjoy these benefits is $ 9.99 per month. Of course, the charge is shown as something discreet on the credit card, without referring to the name of the platform.

Pornhub Premium is like the Pornhub that you already know and love, but much better, explains the adult site in its frequently asked questions section.

Heats the environment

Since February began, through various publications on social networks, especially on Twitter, Pornhub already showed that, again, released its paid content on February 14.

In 2019, Pornhub reported an average of 115 million daily visits and a record in the amount of new videos, more than 6.83 million, an equivalent of 169 years of content to watch.

The nation that represents the largest daily traffic to the adult site is the United States; Then come, in order of importance, Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Philippines, Autralia, Mexico and Brazil.

Finally, according to the service data, Sunday is the most popular day to visit Pornhub, while Friday tends to have the lowest traffic (interestingly, this February 14 is Friday).

* Updated on February 14 by Luis Miguel Paredes.

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