OPPO confirms that developing its own processors - EL RINCN DE CHINA

OPPO confirms that developing its own processors – EL RINCN DE CHINA

OPPO confirms that developing its own processors

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There are very few mobile device manufacturers that can develop your own chipsets. This task requires about high levels of investment, but at the same time these should be able to offer a performance comparable or superior to its competition, or else consumers end up by turn your back. In fact, there are only three companies of this type: Samsung, Apple and Huawei. While Xiaomi tried to do the same with the Surge S1, the experiment was not a success and another line chipset has not been known again.

Previously it had already been leaked that OPPO was working on its own chipset called OPPO M1. However, instead of being a processor, it turned out to be a coprocessor which aims at power optimization in the company's own smart phones. However, now it seems that OPPO is ready to jump to the chipset market that enhance the functions and give life to mobile devices.

OPPO is committed to developing its own mobile chipsets

Some reports that have emerged recently indicate that the OPPO CEO Special Assistant has shared an internal company note to all company employees. This note reveals the "Mariana Plan”For chipsets developed by the Chinese company itself.

Last year, in November, OPPO had mentioned the “Mariana Plan” in your internal documents. It was noted that the project had received input and support from the OPPO TMG Technical Committee, which was created a month earlier. However, so far It is not known what the objective or result of this plan will be.

Chan Yen directs the OPPO TMG Technical Committee, and also serves as head of the OPPO chip platform department. Interestingly, I previously worked as Director Tcnico at Qualcomm, the leading manufacturer of mobile chipsets.

Also the Realme and OnePlus technician, OPPO sister sisters, they have also joined the central plan, implying that OPPO is trying put all the meat on the grill with his plan to manufacture his own mobile processors.

For the development of its own SoCs, OPPO CEO Chen Yongming revealed at the Technology Conference of the Future that the company invest about 50 billion yuan in Research and Development in the next three years.

We will have to wait to know the result of the company's plan. The company seems very determined and convinced that this is the way to go. We expect more news and news about it in the coming weeks.


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