Office for iPhone combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint for free

An iPhone has arrived Microsoft Office app that renews Word, Excel and PowerPoint free. But do not panic, this same app is also on Android since February 16, 2020, and soon reach iPad. At the moment it is available for mobile phones.

When it comes to differentiating the two main operating systems that reign in the current phone, we always think of iOS and Android. And not everyone comes the same, and not even in the same way, or at the same time.

How to activate Office

Be that as it may, now on iPhone we can download the Microsoft Office app and from there access the 3 main tools such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The news does not stay here, but this app ask for permissions to access the camera. So far everything seems normal, but this permission is because we can convert a photo into documents either from Word or Excel, as well as the scanning of PDF documents and, through the camera, we can take pictures to posters, blackboards, screens, etc. and the Office app improve the quality and digitization of that information.

Following the news, the Office app that comes to iPhone allow you to take notes quickly, sign documents, scan QR codes, send and receive files easily and quickly between devices, etc.

With respect to that of "free", you have to take it with tweezers, since to access all the functions you need a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, both for Android and for iPhone.

The positive is that, if we already have Office 365 on our PC / Mac, We can transfer that subscription to our Android or iPhone mobile, as indicated on the Microsoft website.

Image - Office for iPhone combines Word, Excel and PowerPoint for free

On the other hand, the applications that already exist in the stores of applications that are Word, Excel and Microsoft, will continue to exist and working independently to this today that iPhone arrives and that was already on Android for a few days.

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  1. Download Microsoft Office for iPhone


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