Install the AndroidP launcher update

New update of Launcher Android P

We unveiled the new launcher that brings the new version of Android 9.0 more known as Android P which brought only a novelty and was still in development, today the technocat team has investigated further until finding the new updated version of this launcher which brings more really incredible news.

Among its improvements, we find in the customizations two new features since you can use the new search bar both in the initial page and in the application box as well as when activating this function, the search bar will split in two ways dividing the search by text and searched by voice.

On the other hand we have better fluency, as well as a better accommodation of icons since in the main launcher page we have a 4 × 5 so that more icons fit as well as better use for widgets and finally in the application box we have of In the same way, row of 5 icons decreasing the size of these.

All these new features can be adjusted in the launcher settings which we will be leaving in a direct link to the post of xda so you should download the latest update available which has version 5.3.0.

Download here

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