New Moto Cmara App interface

New Moto Cmara App interface

Today, the TecnoCat team will bring you one of the official updates of the new Moto camera application for your Moto G4 device and its plus version, Moto G5 and its plus version as well as the Moto Z Play.

This new update brings with it new improvements in terms of performance and interface since at the beginning of the application we find a new design somewhat different from the old one, thus finding a more formalistic and simple style.

The icon that the application changes completely to the new ones of Motorola 2018 so having a design more attached to what is Android oreo, to install it, you should check if it is already available in the application store and if it has not yet Once the update has arrived, we will leave you a direct link to Mega so you can download it and install it as an update.

It should be mentioned that this is only available for the devices that we have named as well as the apk has only been tested on the same devices since in the moto x4, moto z2 force and moto g5s plus such update or apk will not work.

Download the apk here

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