Moto X first generation will have Lollipop shortly

motorola moto x update

We all know that Motorola has done a great job in recent years. It has manufactured devices worthy of being bought, being the favorites in the mid and low range. But its high-end terminal has not disappointed either. We have a complete device with a pretty attractive design.

Well, if you have a first-generation Moto X, you're in luck, since the Motorola software director has announced that this receive Android Lollipop. But that's not all, but I will do it in the version 5.1. This version corrects the main failures of the first version and includes, by Motorola new functions.

One of these functions is that of Activate Flash as a torch. We can do this with a simple gesture. We just have to do as if we were saying a blow in the air with our smartphone subject. Thus, we can activate and deactivate the Flash without having to unlock the terminal.

The update is already underway, and David Schuster has confirmed that it is being tested in USA and Latin America With some users. I commented on social networks that this movement has not been easy, but that in the end it has been possible and if everything goes well in the test phases, the first generation Moto X will have Lollipop in a few weeks.

Without a doubt, great news for those who have this terminal in use, which, with this update, He has a lot of life ahead of him. So if you are a user of this device, I recommend you wait for the OTA, which will be launched in the coming weeks.

What do you think about Motorola's path? Do you have a first generation Moto X?