Om Nom: Merge

Merge is the new game from the creators of Cut the Rope

Om Nom: Merge is the new casual in which to merge Zeptolab characters, the creators of the great Cut the Rope and that this time they bring us another colorful game.

A casual game in which we will have to take care of merging all those characters to create others and help Om Nom to swallow all those delicious fruits that will be generated every bit. A casual one in which two gameplays are mixed, although it does quite pull the resources of our machine.

To swallow has been said!

Om Nom Merge

Om Nom: Merge is the new Zeptolab game with which you try have another saga in which to update content or take out second parts. As has happened with the great Cut the Rope and that has been one of the best casual we have had in mobile gaming.

Here the thing is about merging characters from one level to create others, and they merge them with them. So we will move forward and discovering new characters to unlock other mechanisms with which the fun multiplies exponentially and the screen of our mobile looks almost like a mini amusement park.

Apart from merging all the characters that we find when opening those gift boxes, at the top we have Om Nom swallowing all fruit That is in its path. He does it automatically, although we can help him by directing his steps when we see him looking at the shrews.

Water the field for Om Nom

That field where the main protagonist of Om Nom: Merge grazes can be watered so that more fruits grow And our cute pet does not stop swallowing. The truth is very hungry, so do not stop swallowing so that we can get more Nommies.

Nommies can be generated through the gold coins that we are obtaining. We go to your store and according to the level we need it will cost us more or less coins. So empty gaps will be filled with more characters that we will be merging.

And it's more or less what this new Zeptolabs game is about and that is a very freemium game to go pulling the micropayments. These micropayments help us to activate certain mechanisms that save game time and thus achieve higher level characters.

Total freemium with the new Zeptolabs

Om Nom Merge

It all depends on those spells to make the fruit grow faster and Nom om don't stop swallowing and eating. Thus everything will evolve faster and progress will go properly. If you do not already know, to throw away your time and have the holy patience to fill those holes in which the gift boxes have to fall to open them.

Om Nom: Merge is a very casual game and that emphasizes the colorful visual aspect. Primary colors to give the gameplay quite a bit of freshness, but that does not depart from those games in which we have to merge all kinds of characters. We have seen them of all colors, and here are those rare characters that Zeptolabs has invented so that we have dozens of them to discover and collect. We do not need to discover new places in which our pet is enriched with new fruit and so we continue the adventure in this casual.

Om Nom: Merge arrives at the Google Play Store eager to follow the wake of Cut the Rope, although it seems to us that it does not have as much hook as it has been the shining star of Zeptolabs. We will see what the community of players dictates and if the studio is responsible for vitalizing the game with new content released periodically.

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