Glow Hockey

Little space? These games under 25 MB are sweetie

Do you have space problem on your Android mobile? Try these games under 25 MB and enjoy them.

Google has added a new section in its Android application store where we can find a list of games under 25 MB, ideal for those who have little space on the mobile but who want to be able to play from time to time.

The list includes old people known as Basketball Shoot, 2042 or the classic Sudoku but there is a good collection of light games that you should try on your mobile.

To those already mentioned above we will add some more games than those that make up the list and that are really addictive, for example Glow Hockey. The classic hockey game in which you have to move the chip on the table and score in the opposite goal, two people can play at the same time.

Glow Hockey

It has several levels of difficulty in the single player mode, between easy, medium, difficult and insane a way in which it is practically impossible to win the machine.

You can download Glow Hockey from here:

The next game you have to try is Up Hill Racing: Hill Climb, choose a car and climb the hill. A simple game that has two unique buttons, an accelerate button and a brake button, you will have to move along the hill while collecting coins and objects that you can use to buy other cars with different characteristics.

Up hill racing

You can download Up Hill Racing: Hill Climb from here:

There is also a soccer game in the list, the graphics and gameplay will remind you of the first consoles. Is named Ultimate Soccer, or Ultimate Soccer (excellent translation from Google) and obviously does not have the license of the major leagues or the teams but it is quite complete and occupies very little.

Last Soccer

You can kill the bug of soccer games by downloading Last Soccer from here: