large tablets to work and small but powerful

large tablets to work and small but powerful


The best tablets that are yet to come: large tablets to work and small but powerful

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July 21, 2015

This same Sunday we reviewed the best tablets that had seen the light in this first half of the year and for less than 24 hours we could not incorporate the Galaxy Tab S2 to our top 5, which he certainly deserved to be. However, we still have almost six months ahead in which we hope to make their debut a few more large tablets, in case what you have seen so far has not convinced you. It will be worth it especially to be attentive if what you are looking for are particularly tablets with an emphasis on productivity, because it seems that these are going to be the protagonists, although we also hope that they see the light some compact tablets very interesting: if the 10-inch tablets have shone in the first half of the year, it seems that in the second half they will 11 inches or more and those of 8 inches or less. With what models exactly?

Large tablets to work

Surface Pro 4

We start with a fairly safe bet: the Surface Pro 4. There is nothing yet officially confirmed, but Microsoft usually renew annually the models of the range Surface and the Surface Pro 3 He will be one year old this summer. It seems, in addition, that the start of course It is an ideal time to bring a tablet like this to stores and the first rumors about it point precisely in that direction. The new generation also comes with the best possible publicity that are the great ratings that the current model has received, although, of course, that has the possible drawback that expectations are quite high. What news do we expect to be introduced to meet them? Well, not much is known yet about the improvements in which they work at Redmond, but it seems that among them is riding one of the new Broadwell processor that would allow dispensing with fans and build a chassis even thinner and may expand storage capacity up to 1 TB. There has also been talk that this time could come in two versions: one with a screen of 12 inches and another of 14 inch.

Surface Pro 3 rear

iPad Pro

What is clear is that Microsoft he needs to take the rest with his new hybrid, because it seems that he will soon have to face a complicated rival: everything points to the expected and rumored iPad Pro (We have been talking about him for two years now) this autumn will finally come to an end, putting an end to the delays. What do we already know about the bet of Manzana for the tablet with which it intends to enter to compete in the sector professional on an equal footing with Windows hybrids? The reality is that not too much, at least not for sure. The only thing that analysts and leaks coincide for now is the screen size that would be 12.9 inch although iOS 9 quite good clues have also been found about its possible resolution, which would be 2047 x 2732. Nor is there too much risk in assuming that it will mount the new processor A9 and that will have at least 2 GB of RAM, like the iPad Air 2, as well as enjoy the new touch technologies of the Apple watch, just as the iPhone 6s Beyond this, we entered the field of speculation, but it would not be strange if it arrived, as many have said, with new official accessories, such as a keyboard or an iPen.

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Galaxy Tab S Pro

We have no doubt that Samsung will not miss the opportunity to join this new battle that seems to be going to open between Microsoft Y Manzana, especially since they have already taken the first steps in this direction more than a year ago with their Galaxy TabPRO and his NotePRO. What has caught us a little more by surprise is the fact that it seems that it will do so with an extension of its Galaxy Tab S range instead of with a new Galaxy Note, which in principle seems the most appropriate line for a productive cutting tablet: although there is still nothing official, it has been known that Koreans have already registered the name Galaxy Tab S Pro, and every time we have had similar news in recent months we have ended up getting to know a tablet with the name in question (this happened with the Galaxy Tab A and with the Galaxy Tab E). Regarding what will distinguish this new model from its newly presented Galaxy Tab S2, we can say little at the moment, although it is quite certain that its screen will be much larger (it will move around the 12 inches) and a couple of months ago we heard about benchmarks in which a tablet appeared Samsung with 4GB of RAM and with a processor Intel, which might be related to this project.

Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1

Small but powerful tablets

iPad mini 4

Even if the rumors that Apple is thinking about ending the iPad mini range were true, it is thought that at least there will be one more model and after the fiasco of iPad mini 3, it could be said that the Cupertino owe us a fourth generation that supposes an authentic evolution. The funny thing is that at this point the normal thing is that rumors about the new ones already abound iDevices, and although about the iPhone 6s and about him iPad Pro We have heard a lot, about this future iPad 4 we still don't know practically anything. In any case, it is only necessary to look at its predecessor and look at its shortcomings it seems to get an idea of ​​the improvements in which the apple company could be working: a reduction of thickness similar to the one we have seen in the iPad Air 2, a more advanced processor (if not the A9at least the A8X or the A8), something more than RAM also and an evolution in the section of cameras.

iPad mini Retina

Nvidia Shield Tablet 2

Another tablet that we have been waiting for a long time and that we hope to see the light before the end of the year is undoubtedly that of Nvidia, although the truth is that in reality the first generation has not even turned a year (He will do it tomorrow, curiously) and the blame is on the incessant rumors that have been predicting the presentation of his successor practically since the presentation of the new Tegra X1 at the beginning of the year Either way, the tablet would have already gone through several regulatory bodies and everything indicates that his debut should not be too far away. The new processor of the company is of course the main improvement that we will find in this new model, but we do not know much more about the rest of the novelties that it could bring. It is possible to speculate, for example, with a resolution jump, although it is unlikely that Nvidia You want to risk the fluidity of your device, which is your main asset in order to offer the best gaming experience.

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Xiaomi MiPad 2

This is already a slightly riskier bet because there are no clear indications that the Xiaomi MiPad 2 will debut in the near future, although The company has confirmed that they work on new tablets and the first model is already well over a year old. Do not assume, of course, that we will meet her soon, but it seems quite reasonable to be optimistic. As regards the novelties that it could bring regarding its predecessor, there is not much information at the moment, or rather, there has been a lot of information, but none of them sounds particularly reliable, except for a possible new association with Intel that would cause them to leave the chips behind Nvidia. It seems quite likely, on the contrary, that the resolution is maintained (no one with 4: 3 screens has gone beyond the 2048 x 1536 pixels at the moment, not even Samsung) and it would only be to see if they make the jump to 3 GB of RAM and if they leave us any interesting novelty in design.

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<h3>Xperia Z5 Tablet Compact</h3>
<p>With this new element of the list we anticipate that we are already entering the field of <strong>speculation</strong> pure and hard, as there has been no news yet to point to a successor to the compact tablet of <strong>Sony</strong>. However, we must bear in mind that the Japanese have so far been quite compliant with the annual renewal cycles of their tablets and that, with what we have seen that they have been able to do with the <strong>Xperia Z4 Tablet</strong>, we have no doubt that they have very good options to present a<strong> Enhanced version of the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact</strong>, entering, for example, a <strong>Quad HD screen</strong> and updating its processor (if it came out at the end of the year, it might be possible to mount and even a <strong>Snapdragon 820</strong>, although a <strong>Snapdragon 810</strong> or a<strong> Snapdragon 808</strong> they would be equally good options).</p>
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And 9 and 10 inches?

iPad Air 3

The latest rumors that have circulated regarding the plans of Manzana for its seventh and generation of iPad They are quite pessimistic and claim that the Cupertino want to make iPad Pro the star tablet this Christmas, so they would be willing to delay the presentation of iPad Air 3 until 2016. It is nothing more than a rumor, at the moment, and the truth is that we would never have doubted that new 9.7 inch iPad I was going to see the light at an event between the months of September and autumn. As with the iPad mini 4However, it is equally true that at this point in the summer we have not yet heard about him and that can not be less strange. We cannot say much more for now, therefore, although you can be sure that we follow the news of the apple company with attention and if there are important developments we will be here to inform you as soon as possible.

iPad Air 2

New Nexus 9

Even more than in the case of iPad Air 3, regarding a possible new Nexus 9It seems that the most advisable thing is not to have any illusion, since, of course, there is no officer, but it is not only that there is a suspicious lack of rumors about its possible characteristics, but that all the leaks that have taken place so far They point just in the opposite direction: Google would not have among its plans to launch a new tablet this year. It would not surprise us too much, really, because the search engine company has not been especially rigorous to date with the renewal cycles of its tablets and because if it is working, as everything seems to indicate, in a new smartphone and in a new phablet, two devices seem more than enough additions to the Nexus range in a year. Likewise and in any case, we will be attentive in case it turns out not to be so to keep you updated.

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<h3>New Fire HDX 8.9</h3>
<p>For those who are thinking of getting a 9 or 10-inch tablet and want to see what remains to come before the end of the year to make a decision, it seems that the safest bet we can make right now would be a <strong>new Fire HDX 8.9</strong>. Of course, everything can change in a moment, but <strong>Amazon</strong> yes he has consistently renewed every fall at least his<strong> high end model</strong>, to always leave it at the highest level in each and every one of the sections of the technical specifications and, although it is true that it can no longer go further in the resolution section, there is still room in the performance section, so we would not be surprised if in 2015 a <strong>new Fire HDX</strong> with a <strong>Snapdragon 810</strong> (Can even a <strong>Snapdragon 820</strong>?) and maybe with 3 GB of RAM.</p>
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