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La Liga Combates GO has started in Pokmon GO

Pokemon GO league

A few weeks ago, Pokmon GO announced the Liga Combates GO, a new function through which we can fight against coaches from all over the world that will be organized seasonally with a list of winners. This new function follow the strategy that has followed Pokmon GO since its inception, that is, havewe will have to go out and walk to fight against other trainers And it is already available.

It has just been officially announced that this week, the GO Fighting League will gradually become available to Coaches according to their levels. The first thing to get to be the preseason, a period prior to the start of the competition with which they hope to get help from the players to improve and balance the Liga Combates GO function before its official launch.

For the preseason, the GO Fighting League start with the Super Ball League, then move on to the Ultra Ball League and the Master Ball League. The leagues will rotate every two weeks and you can qualify during the preseason, but the qualification will be partially reset at the beginning of Season 1. Win prizes for fighting and winning, making it a great time to practice and win fantastic prizes.

GO Fighting League Awards

This new competition will allow us to win great prizes in Pokmon GO that will be determined by the classification and the won matches. To participate, Coaches must walk five kilometers to gain access to the GO Fighting League and unlock five bouts online, and this can be achieved up to three times a day.

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Among the awards of the GO Fighting League will be Free Pikachu and avatar objects inspired by him. Premium raid passes soon they will become premium combat passes, which can be used to participate in raids or in the premium tracks of the Liga Combates GO.

This new function is already available for top level coaches and with the passage of time it will extend to the rest of the players. A new initiative that seeks to give much more dynamism to Pokmon GO and that we appreciate.