Is it true that Apple removes the bad guys from the movies?

Is it true that Apple removes the bad guys from the movies?

The placement technique consists in introducing a commercial product in a movie, TV show or series with careful discretion.

Many brands have used this marketing technique to promote the novelties of their catalog. For the Cambridge dictionary, meanwhile, it is the "act of finding the right place for something."

Maybe that's why the confession made by director Rian Johnsone explains a lot about how Apple works in the industry and how he likes to promote his new devices.

The head of The Last Jedi from Star Wars gave an interview at Vanity Fair to talk about his new tape,Knives out, and in that context (specifically in the 2’50 minute) relat how Apple restricts the use of iPhone for the bad guys of the movie.

“Also another funny thing, I don't know if I should say this or not… Not because it's like lewd (lustful) or something, but because it's going to annoy me in the next mystery movie I write, but forget it, I'll say it. It's very interesting, Apple … they allow you to use iPhone in movies but, this is very important if you ever see a mysterious movie, the bad guys can't have an iPhone on camera. So, oh, nooooooo. Every filmmaker who has a bad boy in his movie that is supposed to be a secret wants to kill me right now, ”he said.

To further feed Johnson's confession, the MacRumors site also valid what was proposed by the film director about the negative use that could be associated with an iPhone with an evil character.

iPhone Darth Vader

“Apple is known for having strict rules about how devices are used, portrayed and photographed. As part of its guidelines for the use of trademarks and copyrights, for example, Apple says that its products should only be displayed “in the best way, in a way or context that reflects the products favorably,” says the publication.

The truth is that no one would like to die with the blow of an iPhone on the head, perhaps a reason to spare the brand.

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