Install the official Android Go launcher

Install the official Android Go launcher

There are too many launchers for mobile devices in the app store and even one or the other outside it, among the most famous are nova launcher, pixel launcher 3 and even official launchers of several Android devices.

Today, we are pleased to bring a new launcher which is dedicated for devices with low characteristics which has the appearance of the pixel launcher only that this is the version of Android Go.

A launcher can use too many resources in the devices so that the low-end ones do not go completely fluid and one of the features that is most used is RAM, this launcher is special for any low memory RAM since they are optimized for proper use.

This optimized version of Android Go brings a 4 × 4 desktop grid configured, widget support has also been disabled as well as notification points, in its functions the Google news panel, the famous widget of date the weather as well as the settings to change the shape of the native or downloaded icons as well as rotate the home screen.

This launcher can run with the specifications of 1GB in RAM which is named «Launcher3-l3go-optimized.apk«, to download it you should go to the link that we will leave you and select the apk file with that name, once downloaded install it and enjoy this basic and optimized launcher.

Download here

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