If your baby could be born this February 29, you are interested in this campaign

If your baby could be born this February 29, you are interested in this campaign

  • Krispy Kreme's campaign was only carried out with the help of his internal team

  • This activation is expected to allow the company to promote its home delivery system

  • To participate, people must also put the address of the hospital and quote the official accounts of the brand

Seasonal marketing is so common that it should no longer surprise brands or consumers. Every February 14, brands like McDonalds and Didi They join the trend of St. Valentine with more than one campaign about love and friendship. In June, companies can not resist making reference to Father's Day. Even holidays that are not universally known, such as Saint patrick, can generate response from brands.

In principle, seasonal marketing sounds like a solid idea for businesses. According Heel, allows to increase the possibilities of a campaign so that the audience pays attention to new businesses and companies. Display Wizard, on the other hand, point out that it can be a great strategy to develop effective Call-To-Action for potential consumers. And in data from Breeze People, gives a boost to sales without much market research.

On the other hand, as said a long time ago, this type of campaign can be tiresome for consumers. Every year people can expect more or less the same strategies and messages from the companies. It becomes just a cycle of waiting for the next celebration with the hope of finding something new. That is why it is not only crucial to try to give freshness to brand communication. We must also take advantage of unusual opportunities.

A campaign for February 29

This weekend occur a phenomenon that rarely occurs in the market. As every four years, businesses and consumers can enjoy a February 29. For people, it is simply another day that the last fortnight of the month is delayed. But many companies are already beginning to see how to use this date for commercial activations. Among them is Krispy Kreme and a campaign that has already begun to circulate in the networks.

Related Notes

The donut and coffee chain offer free products to babies born during this February 29. Of course, food will not be directly for infants, but for parents, nurses and doctors who are part of the feat this Saturday. Five dozen sweet bread will be delivered to any hospital at a distance of 10 miles from a location. The only thing to do is a social media post, with the hashtag #KrispyKremeSpecialDelivery.

Importance of taking advantage of an unusual opportunity

Other companies have already made commercial activations that coincide with events that are not so usual. For example, for the Month of the History of Women in the United States (USA), the Cotton International brand launched a campaign where reimagin to Rosie The Riveter. On the other hand, American Gin and Ryan Reynolds allied with the New York Westminster Dog Show. Nor is it common for brands to join regional celebrations such as Lunar New Year.

Krispy Kreme's campaign must be recognized. Of course, it is not the only company that will add up to February 29 and will probably add more companies with special offers over the course of the week. However, it could be said that this year is in the lead. But it is not only remarkable that it has been organized fast enough to win the opportunity to other rivals. The mere idea of ​​entering the phenomenon attracts attention.

You don't have a February 29 every year. Of course, it is as seasonal marketing as what is done during Valentine's Day, Christmas or Halloween. However, the fact that it is a little less frequent helps to give a little freshness to these activations. In the end, there are not so many points of comparison over time. But it is also necessary to remember that, since it is not such a common celebration, it is better for companies to invest more in their activations.