How to win in Brawl Ball game mode

How to win in Brawl Ball game mode

That's right, this MOBA, like the rest of Supercell's works, requires a certain technique and strategy to play good games and enjoy them, because otherwise, be a constant suffering.

Game modes to bore you

As we said before, it does not contain a single game mode, but takes full advantage of the Battle Royale designing games of various themes. We all know that the event par excellence is Atrapagemas, in which we eliminate enemies and we, together with the team, collect all the possible gems to win.

However, we have 5 ms events that we can unlock as we win trophies, something that requires a daily record playing. There is Survival mode, Brawl Ball, Events for Tickets, Team Events and Starfighting as a last in discord.

Of the second event let's talk, and it has become one of the most played by its football theme, something that has us hooked to those of us who are fantastic for this sport. It is true that the mechanics can become something difficult to catch the rhythm of the games, since it is not a very common game mode, so it is necessary to adopt some tricks and tips about this event.

Get a guaranteed victory at Brawl Ball

Once we have reached the 150 trophies needed To unlock this game mode, we must be clear about a series of guidelines in terms of training and team strategy. In other words, the team consists of three components, so we have to assign the role well of each one when choosing a character, being one of them the most important of all.

The cousin You can never miss this type of games, due to its high life bar and can withstand a wave of blows while freeing the rest of the team, to uncheck or to eliminate the rival team. From there, it is recommended that another member of the team be Darryl, for his HP and for his definitive attack, which allows him to move faster. Mortis or Tara They are great candidates to complete the training.

As a second tip, please don't try to play Tiki Taka and take the ball from the goalkeeper to the other side of the field. This can lead to fatal consequences, since it allows the rival team time and space to fulminate them at will, so we must try to maintain a dispute for the ball that allows us move forward little by little.

Brawl stars

Brawl stars

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