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How to use Siri Shortcuts

With the arrival of iOS 12, the functionality of Siri has been strengthened so that it is now possible to make everyday tasks faster and access the applications you use most frequently. Just a simple press or asking Siri.

With iOS 12 we have available Siri Shortcuts, a great tool that will surprise you with its great potential. A Siri shortcut occurs when the assistant has recognized that you are doing certain actions and are anticipating the behavior.

Its configuration and commissioning is not complicated. With the shortcuts configured, you can do something immediately with a simple touch or saying a phrase to Siri that you have previously set.

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How can I configure my own Siri shortcuts?

In this article we tell you how you should proceed to automate the actions on your iPhone or iPad, as well as other Apple devices, including HomePod and Apple Watch. With the shortcuts configured, you can do something by saying a phrase.

Siri can be very practical on certain occasions for what We offer you in this article key aspects of the assistant from Apple.

What are Siri shortcuts?

Before going into details, you should know that the basis of the Siri Shortcuts application and its underlying engine come from an automation application called Workflow that Apple adopted after the purchase of a company some time ago.

Currently, Siri is a complete voice assistant with artificial intelligence that underlies Apple's operating system, so that it interacts with various elements and services.

The Siri Shortcuts feature that came with iOS 12 has two important elements:

  • Shortcuts based on intelligence that Siri has gathered based on the usual behaviors carried out at certain times and places. It takes into account the use of the applications carried out by the user, in addition to the application developer must have implemented shortcuts to the application.
  • Creating custom commands to carry out certain actions on your iPhone using the Shortcuts application, available in the App Store.

How to get a shortcut from Siri

Actually, it is not possible to force them to appear but that they are shown based on the things you do frequently with your device in a certain place. For example, we always see the direct access to the Cercanas application when we approach the station entrance.

You can also see a shortcut to your group of WhatsApp friends right after you have sent them for the last time or at a time of the day in which you have normally taken the opportunity to communicate with them.

To see a Siri shortcut, scroll down on the screen of your iPhone. Do it anywhere on the main screen and not from the top because you will be accessing notifications.

Check that Siri's suggestions appear. Click on one of them if you want to activate it so that the next time it is shown as a shortcut.