How to use Droplr to share files with ease

How to use Droplr to share files with ease

If you share a lot of files with your coworkers or friends, you may have noticed the difficulty this entails. There are basically two ways to share a file. You can attach the file to emails or any other service that allows you to do it (such as WhatsApp, Slack, etc.), or, first upload the file to a cloud storage service, generate a link that you can share and then share that link with the person you want Both methods consume a lot of time and come with their own restrictions. For example, if you are using services such as emails to send a file, it is restricted to a very small file size (<20 MB). Therefore, to share files larger than that, use cloud storage, which comes with another set of problems.

Sharing a file is difficult and takes time, at least much more than it should be. Now, if you share files only once on a blue moon, you won't mind these inconveniences; However, if you need to share the files as much as I have to do, feel the pain of wasted time and the manual work you do. To have to do. This is where Droplr comes to our aid. I have been using this software for only a few days now, and I am madly in love with it. It is a tool that has made me very productive and that is why I wanted to share this with you. Droplr allows you to take the entire process of file sharing and reduce it to a few clicks. If you are intrigued, let's see How to use Droplr to share files in seconds with ease:

Install Droplr on your device

Before we begin, the first thing we must do is download the Droplr application and install it on our system. Currently, the application is available for macOS, iOS and Android users. Nevertheless, Windows and Linux users can use their Chrome extension and web application To enjoy their services. To download the native Mac application or the Chrome extension, simply click on this link and then install it.

Once you have finished installing the application, Sign up for your service, either using your email or log in directly using your Google, Slack or Twitter account .

Using droplr

Now that you have logged in to your Droplr account, let's discover its features and learn how to use them. However, let's first understand how it works. Droplr basically allows its users Quickly share files by generating a link that can be shared . Once you share the link with a person, you can download the file directly, without having to log in or do any of that. You can also use its integrated tools to directly capture screenshots, screencasts and webcam videos . If you use your integrated tools, Droplr automatically create a link to share those items. You don't even need to copy the links, since they are automatically copied in your clipboard as soon as they are created. Now, let's see the main features of Droplr.

  • Taking and sharing a screenshot

1. Once you start the application, the application places a menu bar cone and you can access everything you need to do from there. To take a screenshot, simply click on the cone of the Droplr menu bar and click on the screenshot . Now your cursor will become a selection tool and you can select the area you want.

2. As soon as I take the screenshot, Droplr upload automatically, create a link to share and copy it to your clipboard . If you are using a Mac, see a notification similar to the one in the image below. The notification contains the link that can be shared and that has already been copied to your clipboard.

  • Share an annotated screenshot

1. To share an annotated screenshot, click on the Droplr cone and select the Draw tool . This is the same as the screen capture tool, however, after taking a screenshot with the drawing tool, Open an edit page, where you can annotate in the screenshot.

2. Once you have finished making notes, simply Click on the upload button and Droplr upload the file and create and copy the link that can be shared on his clipboard.