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How to solve some of the most common problems of iOS 13

iPhones 13 on iPhone

iOS 13 is not free from bugs. Since Apple launched the final version of iOS 13 last September, it has subsequently made arrangements to improve the usability and fluidity of the system, but there are still recurring problems. That is why today we bring a small guide with the most common problems of iOS 13 and how to solve them.

Bugs in iCloud

The latest iOS updates have been shown to solve most of the bugs that users reported about the use of iCloud. So if you are among those affected our first recommendation is that if you have not updated your device you start with it. In case you already have it updated, a simple restart of the phone can solve the problem.

Another solution to the problems related to iCloud is to deactivate the iCloud services and reactivate them again. For this we will go to Settings-> Your Apple ID-> Close session. And we will access again.

Bugs with apps

A new update may mean that a third-party app stops working. Although this is not usually common, The simplest solutions are to close the app and reopen it again, restart the iPhone and make sure we have the latest version of the app installed. None of this works for you? You can always try to contact the developer to explain your issue.

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Problems with the Messages app

The Messages app is directly related to iCloud services so if we are having any problem with it The best thing will be to start by logging out of our iCloud account and logging in again, as we have told in the iCloud Bugs section.

Another error that can happen is that the messages appear messy in the timeline in which they are sent. For this the solution happens in the majority of the occasions to configure the date and automatic time, so that the iPhone does not have doubts with the moment of each message sent. We can do this from Settings-> General-> Date and time-> Automatic adjustment.

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Slow battery charges

Mainly when we use a wireless charger, although it also comes with standard power chargers, our charging can slow down if it is not an official charger or approved by Apple. Given this problem, we can do little more than look for one that is certified by Apple in the case of wireless chargers or make sure to use the original one so that the load is as optimal as possible.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity issues

Most of the problems related to iPhone connectivity if we talk about Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are solved by restarting the connections of our device, as this usually solves the problem. For this simply Open the Control center of your iPhone (or access Settings) and activate and deactivate avin Mode. In this way the device connections will be restarted and if there was any failure most of the time it will be solved. If the problem is connected to a particular connection, be it Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, another option is to forget that device or network and reconnect with it from scratch.

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None of these options has solved your problem? So the best option is to reset the device network settings. For this we must go to Settings-> General-> Reset-> Reset network settings. In this way the settings of our device will be as recently purchased. If a problem of this type persists, the next step will be to go to an Apple Store so that they could run a diagnosis to the iPhone connections.

Problems with Siri

If we suffer problems with the use of Siri on iOS 13 The first solution is to make sure we have the latest version of iOS installed since it has been reported that in the last updates some problems have arisen with the assistant of Cupertino.