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How to see the exact place where you took a picture with your iPhone

places in iPhone photos

The geolocation of photos is something very common that our iPhone, and any other smartphone with GPS, has been doing for us for years without us noticing. This way the photo data is saved the exact place where it was made, so you can place it later on a map.

This function is very interesting and is activated by default on the iPhone if we have the location services activated for the camera app, or for other photographic applications that we use. If you are not sure if you have them activated, go to your iPhone until Settings> Privacy> Location and check that the Cmara app is allowed access to the location.

Thus all your photos will be geolocated Then you can see them on a map, but how can I see the exact place where I took a picture with the iPhone? Well, we have several ways to do it.

All the ways to see on the map the photos we have taken with the iPhone

On the iPhone we have several ways to see the place where we have taken a photo, or to see the photos we have taken in one place. All possible ways are within the iOS Photos app, so you will have to open it to get started.

1. From the photo itself

The first option is perfect to know the location of a photo, the exact place where that photo was taken. For this we just have to open the photo and swipe up, several options and photo data will appear, including a map with the exact point in which it was taken.

places in iPhone photos

2. From Places

The second option is perfect to see all our photos located on a world map. We just have to enter the section Albums of the iPhone Photos app and go down to a section called People and places. Pressing the places will open a map that we can enlarge and reduce while new photos appear.

places in iPhone photos

3. From the Search section

The third option is from the Search section of the Photos application. Here we can easily search any photo of our albums with multiple parameters such as the date, the people that appear in it or by the location. You just have to search for a specific place, monument, city or country and you will see all the photos of that site.

places in iPhone photos

4. Ask Siri

"Hey Siri, show me photos of Pekn." Ace is easy to look for images of a place, you just have to ask Siri and the Photos application will open with all your photographs in that particular site. It is probably one of the fastest and most comfortable options.

places in iPhone photos

As we see Finding the place where we take a picture is very simple on our iPhone and iPad, now you can find photos much faster or know exactly where you took a photo.