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How to recover Word documents not saved on Mac

If you have had the bad luck of spending hours and hours working on a Word document and suddenly, for whatever reason, the program closes without first saving, we may have the solution.

We know the feeling of frustration, despair and anger that losing an unsaved Word document can wake up inside us. For this reason, we have decided to offer you a series of tricks, tips or guidelines to follow in order to (or at least try) to recover the unsaved Word document.

Also, keep in mind the guidelines we put at your disposal so that you do not go through such a stressful situation in the future.

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Trick 1. Check the trash

In some cases, the file may have been lost because you accidentally deleted it. Sometimes it can happen if we walk in a hurry and close several documents at once, including the one you should have saved.

In this case, the solution is simple: go to the trash can found in the Dock and click it. All deleted files will appear in it. You can drag the file you want to recover back to the desktop.

In this way you will have recovered the lost Word document.

Trick 2. Recover lost Word documents using Time Machine

If everything is working correctly it is very difficult to lose a file in Word. The autosave function means that in the event of an accident, you should still be able to recover the Word document (maybe not what you have written in the last ten minutes).

However, there are times when things do not work as they should, and in that case you will have to resort to their backups. If you use Time Machine to make backup copies of your Mac, you can go back to the previous version when the file is still on your system.

If, unfortunately, you were not making backup copies, we recommend that you start making them as soon as possible. Macs are very reliable computers, but there is always the risk of something going wrong. It is better to protect against possible disasters.

Trick 3. Search for the lost file in the AutoRecover Word folder

The Word for Mac application comes with an autosave tool that is enabled by default. This means that Word automatically saves the documents you work on even before you click on the Save button.

However, for autosave to work, you must have previously saved the document with a name. Then, Word keep saving copies every ten minutes adding the changes you make.

If the document has been lost because your computer or software It closed unexpectedly, when Word reopens, a message appears asking if you want to start from the recovered file.

But if this message does not appear by chance, you can also try to find the lost file in the autosave folder.

To find the Microsoft Word autosave folder: