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How to improve the wifi signal

We wanted to offer you this series of tips with which you can improve the quality of your home Wi-Fi signal, as well as improve the reception of the signal on any type of device and prioritize the speed of Internet access for certain services.

By increasing the quality of the Wi-Fi signal, you would improve the reception of your devices in those places where you have usually had problems, considerably increasing the range of action.

As a result of having a faster connection, you should find that the web pages load faster, that YouTube or Netflix are transmitted more smoothly and that the downloads are instantaneous.

The following tips that we have compiled, will help you to ensure that all family members can enjoy the broadband of your home, regardless of the device used and where they are within the Wi-Fi range.

Take a speed test

How fast is your connection? There are various tools on-line free with which to test the connection speed of your router associated with your communications provider or operator.

But the most accurate way to identify the appearance of a problem with Wi-Fi is to test with your Mac directly connected to your router via cable, then follow the same procedure via Wi-Fi.

If there is not a big difference between the speeds, then you will be clear that the problem is in your broadband connection, since by cable, the offered speed must be much higher than that achieved through the Wi-Fi.

Now, with the new wave of MacBook devices, it is quite likely that your laptop no longer has an Ethernet port, so you can only test the connection wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

In that case, you can run the speed test in two different rooms in your home, such as the living room and in a room where you usually use your Mac. If there are differences in speeds, there may be something that causes the interference.

If after performing the speed test, you notice that the figures are not those promised by your operator, contact the supplier and ask for help, because you may have some mismatch in your configuration that favors each speed.

We used to check the speed, but you can also use any other tool. The main operators usually offer their own, although it is something that we do not recommend, since sometimes it can lead to errors.

Before moving on to the next step, tell you that the most advanced routers have more precise tools and functions to check these types of situations. Access the management of your router and verify that everything is as it should.

Restart your router

We know that resetting a device is the number one rule that asks you to do an IT system technician or administrator. It is not for less, because it can solve the speed problem when trying to use another free connection channel.

If you live in a residential building, you may have around you a host of Wi-Fi home networks that compete to offer the best signal through the same channel your router is using.