How to get the most out of Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the most popular cloud photo platforms that exist on both Android and iOS. Today we will show you how to get the most out of Google Photos.

Google Photos is a very interesting platform that goes far beyond a conventional galley application. It has many functions to which we can take advantage if we know them, so we will show you many of its advantages.

Save storage on your mobile with Google Photos

As we say, Google Photos is well known, since is the Google cloud dedicated to photos and videos. This means that we can delete the physical file of videos and photographs to view and download the content without having it stored on our smartphone.

Why are the photos duplicated on the mobile?

In addition, unlike a conventional galley, being synchronized with our Google account there is the possibility of view photographs on all types of devices that have internet.

Google Photos offers us two storage options:

  1. Free unlimited storage: The most common option in Google Photos and one of the features that make it more attractive, since our photographs suffer a small compression (16 megapixels maximum), and in exchange we have unlimited storage.
  2. 15 GB free with Original Quality: Google calls the upload of the same phone file original quality without applying any compression, so the photographs do not lose quality, but we will have to buy extra space to continue with this plan if we exceed 15 GB.

Search for images by location

Upon entering Google Photos we will see the photographs we have taken, but if you look at the upper area we have a search bar that is very useful and allows you to perform various tasks.

To get the most out of this function we must have save location function activated in the camera settings so that when taking a picture remember exactly where it was.

To activate Save location must:

  1. Open the camera application of our phone.
  2. Access the settings section.
  3. And click on Store location data (or a similar option).

Image - How to get the most out of Google Photos

Now, every time we take a picture, if we scroll to the details of it in Google Photos (sliding up) we will be shown in a small map the exact location.

Image - How to get the most out of Google Photos

Thanks to this we can easily locate photographs as, for example, a trip, looking for the city where they were taken in case we do not remember the exact date.

Also, Google Photos use artificial intelligence to create albums automatically of a place or a vacation. The creation of films, along with albums and photo editing, are some of the most outstanding aspects of the application.

Google Photos also create GIFs or stylize a photo correcting the lighting or even applying some other filter.