How to disconnect WhatsApp without removing the Internet

You want disconnect WhatsApp without removing the Internet of your mobile? What allows you this possibility is to deactivate the application of your phone so as not to have to uninstall it, and it is highly recommended if you want to rest for a while and then use it again.

It is an ideal method for when you are on vacation, so nobody bothers you and it will not be necessary to uninstall WhatsApp from the smartphone. If you have few contacts and don't talk much you probably won't disconnect it, but you will surely make the decision if you use it a lot.

For example, when you have groups where people are constantly talking, although you always have the possibility to silence a group anyone. In any case, what it is about is that you do not open WhatsApp to consult or chat with anyone.

The simplest option will be to remove it from your phone, so you still have Internet on your mobile to do other things, although you don't have to do that step and you can deactivate or disconnect WhatsApp easily to use it again later.

Force WhatsApp Detention

Android is possible force WhatsApp to close and not be open in the background, which means that you will no longer receive notifications of any of the conversations, it is not necessary in this case to delete the app and it is a reversible possibility.

This step you can do it with any application and implies that you don't need to disconnect your notifications either. The interesting thing about this option is that it is a reversible action, so you can reconnect WhatsApp at any time you want.

For stop WhatsApp on your Android phone you just have to follow these few steps, keep in mind that they can vary depending on the smartphone you have:

  1. Open the settings and enter the applications section. Depending on the number of apps you have installed on your phone, the list you see now may be more or less extensive, but only look for WhatsApp that is almost at the end, which is what interests us now, and click on it.
  2. Once inside, click on the option force stop.

Image - How to disconnect WhatsApp without removing the Internet

  1. A message will appear warning you that if you perform this action it may not work correctly, but you just have to press accept, in a few moments the app will close and you will no longer receive notifications, being able to use your mobile Internet for other things and without being disturbed by WhatsApp.

Keep something in mind, force stop does not mean that the app is closed forever, it will probably start again when you restart the phone or when you turn it on again because it turned off and you ran out of battery, so you will have to do the steps again.

Disable notifications on WhatsApp for Android

There is no option to close the session in WhatsApp, but you can do several things to disconnect the app. One of them is disable app notifications on your phone Android or iPhone, although for the latter we will explain later.

Removing notifications exclusively from WhatsApp, you will be free to know when you receive a notification and who receives it, so you will not be so aware of the phone. The messages will still come in, but you won't find out unless you enter in the app

On Android it is very easy to disable notifications of WhatsApp And from any other app, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the settings / applications and search WhatsApp. Go down the screen a bit and enter the option that says notifications.

Image - How to disconnect WhatsApp without removing the Internet

  1. On the new screen check the block all box or similar to disconnect all notifications from WhatsApp.

Image - How to disconnect WhatsApp without removing the Internet

Disable WhatsApp notifications on iOS

In WhatsApp for iOS There is also no option that allows you to disconnect the app or close your session, although you can easily deactivate your notifications the same as you can do on Android, you just have to follow these steps on your iPhone: