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How to disable MacBook keyboard light

At this point, using a laptop such as the MacBook with a backlit keyboard can be a blessing if you usually do it at night in your room, in low light conditions.

With each key lit softly, it is possible to see what is cul, something that you would appreciate even if you are a true typing expert and know where each key is. A specific command always appears that forces you to focus your view on the keyboard.

That said, it is not always appropriate to have the keys illuminated to the fullest, especially if your laptop's battery is low. It is for this reason that we wanted to make this article in which we explain how to deactivate, adjust or modify the intensity of the backlight of your keyboard.

Use the keyboard backlight controls

If what you want is to permanently deactivate or turn off the keyboard backlight, the most obvious is to use the keys associated with the brightness function that you will find printed on the keyboard of your Mac.

In MacBook models without Touch Bar, it is something you will find in the F5 and F6 keys, using the first one to dim the lights, while the second one allows them to illuminate in greater intensity.

If you own one of the MacBook with Touch Bar touch bar, you should look for the symbols shown in the image; a horizontal line with five points, or, crescent-shaped lines on top. The points are to dim the light, while the lines are to make them shine brighter.

Disable backlight in macOS preferences

If you want to enable or disable the long-term function, you can use the configuration of your macOS operating system. Go to System Preferences and enter the keyboard configuration options.

The system will show you a window with several options. You should focus on the one that says Adjust the brightness of the keyboard in low light. As standard, it is most likely that it is enabled, which you see in the box on the left with a mark.

You will have to uncheck this, otherwise, your Mac will start to increase the brightness by itself if you notice that your room lighting environment is low.

Once this is done, use the brightness keys mentioned in the previous section to turn off the backlight. Now set the configuration you choose, regardless of the amount of light that exists around you in any circumstance.

If you wish to reactivate the configuration, you will only have to go back to this Keyboard section in System Preferences to modify what you just set.

If you are one of those who usually spend countless hours in front of your computer or laptop, it is important that you find the keyboard more comfortable and efficient, but also that it is compatible with your device. Check out the article of the best keyboards for Mac of 2020.