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How to check the health status of your iPhone's battery

All rechargeable batteries lose their effectiveness over time, and unfortunately iPhones are no exception. Batteries that have been running for a few years may need to be charged more often or even suddenly stop working.

In the specific case of iPhones, Apple says its batteries last 500 cycles, so they should be replaced then. Luckily, iOS does not tell you how many times you have charged your battery already, but there are other tricks that will help you know its status.

In fact, with the iOS 11.3 update of its operating system, Apple made it easier for its users to check the battery performance of their iPhone and know if it needs to be changed to a new one.

How to check if you need to replace your iPhone battery

one. Go to the Settings of your iPhone and select the option Battery.

two. Then click on the option Battery Health (beta). The section Capacity Tell you the current capacity of your battery. The older it is, the smaller the percentage.

3. You can also check the section Peak performance capacity. If it has a good performance, the following message will appear: Currently the battery provides normal peak performance.

4. Now, when your iPhone suddenly turns off because the battery has failed to reach that peak performance, with a little luck the power management system will go into action so that it does not happen again.

5. In those cases, you see a message that tells you that the energy management system has actually acted. Right next door, there will be the button To disable, which will make the performance of your iPhone not decline.

6. You may see a message indicating that the health of your battery is getting worse and you are advised to go to an authorized Apple dealer to have the battery replaced.

It may be the case that your battery has low capacity but that the energy management system has not been activated. That means that there has been no sudden shutdown but, for example, you were playing an intense game with little battery.

Indicators to know if you need to change the battery of your iPhone

If you see a message that tells you that the health of your battery is getting worse, you can continue using your phone, but the charging capacity may be lower. You may also experience some technical failures when there is little battery.

In those cases, the best option is always to consult a specialized technician. If you go directly to Apple, you can surely replace the battery without problems or you may even change the terminal directly.

To find out if your battery needs to be replaced, you can simply pay attention to the performance of your iPhone when you use it. Some indications are: less powerful flashlight, lower speaker volume, slow reaction to the touches, longer charging time

How to get the most out of your iPhone's battery life

If you want to make sure your iPhone's battery lasts as long as possible, and until you have the option to replace it, we suggest you do the following:

  • Turn off location
  • Disable background app update
  • Make sure the autobrush option is disabled
  • Use avin mode when you don't need to use internet connection

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