How to change the icons of a Xiaomi

Smartphones Xiaomi allow a very high level of customization, and now we will learn to change app icons, to choose some designs that suit our taste.

MIUI, the Android-based operating system that Xiaomi uses, makes very simple to apply new visual themes, including wallpapers, sounds, lock screen and icons.

They usually come in a package with all the elements, but we can change only the icons if we wish, and even combine them with wallpapers or sounds of different themes.

How to check if it is an official Xiaomi product

Alternative icons can be created by Xiaomi itself or by independent designers. Sometimes they simply change the outside area of ​​the original icons, while in other cases the redesign is complete.

This image, belonging to the theme "Clock Neon" by JD (In Designs) shows an example:

Image - How to change the icons of a Xiaomi

The icons on the right have completely customized, including some third-party applications (WhatsApp and Twitter), but it will be impossible to create logos for the hundreds of thousands of applications available in the Play Store.

So those that do not have their own icons are limited to show a circle around, and among them we have some as used as Instagram, Spotify or Telegram (depending on which the designer has created in each case).

Using Themes, the application integrated in MIUI

The easiest way to change the icons on the phone is to use the application that Xiaomi installs by default, and includes a lot of free content to choose from. Let's look at the steps one by one:

  1. We will locate the Themes app, with an icon similar to this:

Image - How to change the icons of a Xiaomi

  1. Inside the Xiaomi store we will see a great variety of designs, mostly free, organized in different categories:

Image - How to change the icons of a Xiaomi

  1. We have many options to change the icons, touch explore the store, whether browsing the cover, recommendations, the most downloaded lists or the top search engine.
  2. The Themes app is not too well organized, and has no fixed sections, but if we search we may find a box indicating "Cool icons", with ideas that we might like:

Image - How to change the icons of a Xiaomi

  1. Once we choose the icons that we like, we have to click on the "Free" button (almost all of the content is free) to download:

Image - How to change the icons of a Xiaomi

  1. Before pressing "Apply" we must confirm in the upper area that is marked the "Icons" option. In our opinion it is up to us to decide if we are interested in the rest of the elements of the pack (desktop background, sounds, lock screen …), because they can be installed independently, and even combine several sources:

Image - How to change the icons of a Xiaomi