How to change the default browser in Windows

How to change the default browser in Windows

You just downloaded a new application on your computer and it has been configured as the default program? Don't panic! Then we present the final solution to regain the reins of your PC.

As an example, we explain the procedure to change a default browser, in this case, replacing Google Chrome with Firefox. The solution can be found in the Windows 10 Configuration panel.

If you still do not know which browser to choose, it is time to take a first look at our tutorial on the best browsers this year.

How to change the default browser?

one. When opening the browser Firefox, find a icon formed by three horizontal lines in the upper right corner. When clicking on it, a menu will be displayed. Choose Options and you will be redirected to the section general.

Once there, click on the button Make default and automatically the section of Applications of the panel Configuration Windows 10

two. On the left, a menu will appear where it is easy to find the option Default applications. Under the title Web browser, see the browser that your computer has set as default.

Finally, clicking on the icon will open a list of programs from which you can choose Firefox – or any other – as your favorite.

3. To verify that the changes have been well executed, you can visit the configuration of Chrome. To do this, write chrome: // settings in the browser address bar and hit the key Enter.

In the drop-down menu on the left (Settings), Choose Default browser or Default browser and verify that Google Chrome is no longer your preferred browser.

How to change all the default programs?

It is possible that, despite having followed all the steps correctly, some files or links may not open with the selected browser. This is why it is also useful to know how to change the default program for all types of files.