Hotel Empire Tycoon

Hotel Empire Tycoon takes you to create your own hotel empire

Hotel Empire Tycoon is a new game for Android in which we are going to have what we usually expect from a simulator: that it is in Spanish, that it is visually attractive and that we put in our hands everything with which to manage, in this case, a hotel.

We enter be part of a hotel chain and it has been our responsibility to be a hotel manager. We will have to hire staff and try to ensure that all hotel services are covered. Luckily, we will have a kind advisor who will guide us through each of the sections and departments to start creating our own hotel emporium.

Create your hotel empire and do not miss your customers

Empire Tycoon Hotel

In a hotel like the one you are going to manage in Empire Tycoon Hotel you are going to have to take into account that the most important thing is your client and that this one leaves totally satisfied of the days spent in your hotel establishment.

For this you will be able to go seeing in real time each of the steps that the client takes since he leaves the bags in his room and goes straight to the dining room to take his first meal of the day. It will be at that moment where our counselor will notify us that we have to hire the kitchen staff, and so will do with the rest of the services to be accommodating an establishment where it will be a pleasure to spend a few days.

Hotel Empire Tycoon is a pretty careful game at graphic level and we can play it in vertical format to have a great isometric perspective. In this way we will be able to know all the secrets and locations of our hotel and marvel at the life it will take when new customers come through the door of the hotel.

Manage all types of hotels in Empire Tycoon Hotel

Empire Tycoon Hotel

In Empire Tycoon Hotel you will have to manage hotels to start with a small one and that the thing gets more difficult as we move on to bigger resorts size. The idea is that you convert them into one of five stars as you expand them, improve services and put those premium spaces with which customers will be amazed praising their great stay.

Empire Tycoon Hotel

You can improve the restaurant to have haute cuisine chefs, massage therapists for VIP clients, organize diving courses, spa sessions, laundry service and furnish every useful space to make it a luxury for your customers. Empire Tycoon Hotel is endowed with a good multitude of details that get deeper into your gameplay and thus catch the good reviews you are receiving on Google Play.

It also allows you to enjoy all kinds of hotels to pass from a small one to one in which they are rather a group of apartments. The truth is that they give us a lot of variety and in a game of this style it is appreciated that the thing goes well and we are encouraged to play it day after day.

Your 5 star resort

Empire Tycoon Hotel

You'll have to control staff schedules and another series of details that we leave in the mystery and thus encourage you to try it. Another of his points is that he has a very well-designed learning curve and without you noticing you will spend the days playing again and again. It is one of those simulators that likes to play them.

Visually earns a lot and has many details. It is how to be watching the same life that could happen in a real hotel and this already is a lot. We like the perspective given, and that the performance is very optimal. It has a lot of statistics and the performance is more than smooth to enjoy creating your own hotel empire.

Codigames has managed to find the right key to create a good hotel simulator and you are already receiving the fruits of your work with the numerous reviews given on Google Play. Now it's your turn to be part of one of the players who are already creating their hotel empire to enjoy being the manager.