steve jobs iPhone 4 wifi

He gives Steve Jobs forced 500 people to disable Wi-Fi on their devices

steve jobs iPhone 4 wifi

From Steve Jobs we have numerous stories, from managers who stole a Mac by accident to incredible buildings that are headquarters of large companies like Pixar, however few anecdotes can be as visible as the one we bring you today.

And we say that it is visible because we can literally see this funny moment since it happened during one of the most important keynote and, unfortunately, one of the last of Apple's co-founder.

The iPhone 4 and Wi-Fi problems

We have to go back in time until 2010, an important year for Apple in which the company launched the iPad and iPhone 4, the biggest design change that the apple smartphone had suffered until then. The iPhone 4 brought a new design, led flash to the rear camera, a front camera, the amazing Retina display and many other things.

Steve Jobs took the stage to show all these improvements, however he encountered a problem, trying to enter the website of The New York Times the device took longer than normal, to the point that Steve "cancel" that demonstration and move on to the next one.

Steve Jobs iPhone 4 web

Shortly after I appeared on stage again and Steve, without fear of what they would say, I suggested that those attending WWDC 2010 to disconnect from Wi-Fi if they wanted to see more demonstrations of the new iPhone. Jobs said there were more than 500 devices connected to the auditorium's Wi-Fi network and that is why the iPhone could not charge correctly or connect to the internet.

Steve was very clear, “If you want to see more demos of the iPhone 4, you will have to disconnect from the network and leave your computers on the ground. ” All present did not give credit at first, but then they accepted, it is clear that they wanted to know more about the new device. Steve could continue later with the presentation and show one of the star functions of that new iPhone 4: Face time. In the video below you can see the exact moment Steve makes this suggestion.

Surely the anger of Steve Jobs to leave the stage momentarily after not being able to load a website with the brand new iPhone 4 It was of little, and surely measures were also taken so that this would not happen again. Just having two different Wi-Fi networks, one exclusive to the devices shown, will have solved the problem.