Google Nest Mini: common problems and how to solve them

Google Nest Mini: common problems and how to solve them

Google Nest Mini is the second generation of the Home Mini, a small round speaker that you can put in your home and connect it to a larger Nest Hub or use it as a small personal assistant / radio. But this new model, as with all devices, can give you some usage problems. In this article we tell you what are those most common failures, according to what users have been reporting, and also their solutions.

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My Nest Mini does not connect

If you have trouble connecting to the wifi, start with the basics. Are you trying to connect to the correct Wi-Fi network? Are you absolutely sure that your password is correct? If the above is fine, try bringing your Nest Mini to the routerto see if there is a blind spot or an interference problem.

If everything seems to work fine, the best solution is to restart your Google Nest Mini. A basic restart is very easy: you just have to unplug the power cable from the Nest Mini itself (not the power outlet) and leave it unplugged for about two minutes. Then plug it back in and start the connection process in your Google Home application.

Note: With simpler smart speakers like the Nest Mini, rebooting is always a good option to solve minor problems. If you have not tried to restart, regardless of your problem, try it. There is also an alternative restart option in the Google Home application that may be easier for you: Go to Settings, choose More and then select Restart to get started.

Close-up of an orange Google Nest Mini

My Nest Mini has trouble playing music

In a perfect world, your Nest device will effortlessly connect to all your music accounts and play whatever you want with a simple command. Since we don't live in that world, you may find that your Google Nest Mini has trouble playing or finding music.

First, if you can't do the music but it seems to be playing, check the volume. You can always say “OK, Google, turn up the volume” or a similar command to see if the volume was accidentally lowered. You can also try different phrases when you ask for a specific music playlist in case Google Assistant has trouble understanding you.

If this is not the problem, make sure the music accounts are linked to the Google startup application. Google cannot automatically connect to services such as Spotify or Pandora, so you must log in and provide your account information first. If your accounts are connected and active, open the applications themselves and go to their individual configuration sections. Find any option to clear the cache or history and then restart the phone to see if this helps the problem.

Also, if in doubt, don't be afraid to restart.

My Mini Nest tells me that the other Nest devices are not configured (when in reality they are)

Sometimes, Google Assistant needs to be reminded that all Nest devices are present, especially if you introduce a new device into your home. Try saying: "OK Google, sync my devices" and see if this helps put everything in order.

Google Nest Mini orange on a table

When I talk to my Nest Mini it doesn't respond

That a Nest Mini does not respond may be due to many different problems. Try the classic ones like restarting the Nest Mini and checking the volume levels to make sure there is nothing basic that is wrong. If this does not work, check that you have not deactivated the microphone. There is a switch for the microphone in the Nest Mini that will turn it off completely for privacy reasons, and if it has been accidentally turned off, this is the cause of your problem.

If everything seems fine, check out the position of the Google Nest Mini. The air flow from nearby vents, the sounds of other speakers, signals from appliances such as microwaves and many other environmental factors may be causing interference. Try to move it to a quieter area and see if this also helps.

If none of the above works, you may want to do a factory reset and start over.

My Nest Mini speaker only produces static sound

The best option for a Nest Mini that only emits static sound and does not seem to respond well is a full factory reset. Keep in mind that a factory data reset is not a reboot: erase all the data from the Nest Mini and you will have to go through the complete configuration process again when it is finished.

To restart, first look for the microphone button on the side of your Nest Mini and turn it on. The LED lights on the top should turn orange when this happens. Now, press the top of the device, as if it were a large button you are pressing. Hold it for about 15 seconds. While holding it down, the speaker will enter its reset phase and sound when that phase is complete. Don't stop pressing it until you hear the ringing sound.