Google ejects 600 apps from Google Play

Google Play is one of the largest app stores in the world. Next, we will see why Google has removed 600 apps, which accumulated more than 4.5 billion downloads.

Mobile applications are a business for those companies that develop it and whose main source of income is advertising which is inside the games and applications.

Google is a company that does not offer some parameters to follow to include advertising within the apps, but what it does offer developers are a series of rules that advertising has to meet to be found within the app to be accepted within the Play Store.

Among the various rules that Google puts on advertising in apps is that, for example, ads cannot appear on the lock screen, unless it is an app that is specific to it. I also could not Skip advertising while the application is not in use.

Apart from the advertising policies that Google has, such as not allowing misleading advertising or ensuring the absence of inappropriate ads, there is also the policy of disturbing ads.

Image - Google ejects 600 apps from Google Play

Disturbing ads are those that occupy the entire screen and they don't have any type of button to jump them or take them out of our sight. Precisely because of this, Google has decided to remove more than 600 applications, including 45 from developer Cheetah Mobile. A Chinese developer, who participates in the stock market and is known for some apps that claimed to clean our phone, thus offering more storage such as the well-known "Clean Master" app.

Apps that have been removed should not come as a surprise since Google warned developers a while ago and, being a repeated action, Google decided to remove them from the Google Play Store.

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What do you think of the measure by Google? Do you think it is a justified fact to delete an app?

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