Google discovers Apple error that allows its users to be tracked

Google discovers Apple error that allows its users to be tracked

A Google security team that is under the umbrella of Project Zero of the company, discovered a serious violation in the Safari browser that Apple uses on their devices.

Everything was taking place in an anti-tracking function called Intelligent Tracking Prevention and that due to technical problems it did the opposite of its primary implementation.

Specifically, Google’s report found several security flaws in privacy software in the Apple Safari web browser that may have helped third-party vendors track user browsing habits.

This Smart Tracking Prevention feature had been implemented on the iPhone, Mac and iPad so that users could not be tracked on the web by advertisers and other third-party cookies.

The company of Sundar Pichai through its security researchers also said that these violations served hackers to "create a persistent fingerprint to follow the user on the web."

Thus, he accused that during several years several people were followed in their navigation habits and that during that period they received constant malwares.

Those of Cupertino went out to deny this onslaught of Google, first recognizing that they had patched the problem after 10 days of knowing each other and that the violations were made isolated and not massive.

"All the evidence indicates that these attacks on the website were only operational for a brief period, approximately two months, not two years as indicated by Google," they said at Apple.

Two members of the 'Zero Project', the Google literacy bug team, published details and a proof of proof of concept code of five of the six non-interaction security errors that affect the iOS operating system and can be exploited at through the iMessage client.

The six security bugs were patched with the iOS 12.4 version of the iPhone manufacturer.

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