Galaxy S10 Plus may have a 1TB version

Galaxy S10 Plus may have a 1TB version

The path of the new Galaxy S10 range has been full of speculation and data leaks throughout this year. Recently, the screen size of the device and the names of the three models were filtered: Galaxy S10 Lite 5.8 inches, Galaxy S10 6.1 inches and the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with 6.4 inches.

Now as if it were a rain of filtered data, we get through a Gizmodo statement all the variations of the three models and their respective price in the United Kingdom (Note that we made the conversion to dollars to better appreciate the prices). We list the data below:

  • 128GB Galaxy Lite for $ 844.00 dollars
  • 128GB Galaxy S10 for $ 1008.00 dollars
  • 512GB Galaxy S10 for $ 1260.00 dollars
  • 128GB Galaxy S10 Plus for $ 1134.00 dollars
  • 512GB Galaxy S10 Plus for $ 1386.00 dollars
  • 1 TB Galaxy S10 Plus for $ 1765.00 dollars

The really amazing thing about this information brings us to the last of the list and the most expensive device of the company so far. Will someone really need to have so much storage on their smartphone? And not compliant is also rumored to have the ability to expand memory goes MicroSD. I start to doubt a bit really.

Apart from these variations remember that we already talked about a fourth variation called Galaxy S10 Pro, that if all the information is true, we already imagine how far its price could go. Rumors suggest that this monster will have a larger screen, six camera sensors in total and who knows, it could be that 5G compatibility.

But well, enough of rumors at the moment. Do not forget to take this type of data with caution so that at the time of the official information there is no major conflict. Without more, we read in the comment box, we want to know your opinion.

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