From Russia with love: Stranger Things 4 preview arrives

From Russia with love: Stranger Things 4 preview arrives

Stranger Things 4 blows our heads this Friday, February 14, as Netflix shared a preview that says a lot about where the next season can go.

From Russia with love The trailer is called and go … surprise: in the images we see the former Hawkins sheriff, Jim Hooper, who is presumed dead after the last chapter of season 3.

In the advance you can see a landscape in the Siberian style, which shows a series of people working (forcibly?) In the construction or rather repair of a railway line.

It should be remembered that the third season of Stranger Things ended with the Byers family leaving Hawkins with Eleven to start a life elsewhere after Hopper's apparent death.

One of the things that the production has rumored is that this fourth season will have one more chapter than in 2019, totaling nine episodes.

It is also speculated that part of the chapters of the series will relate how, a favorite character of the fantastic could tell his origin story.

That gives rise to other theories that indicate that in truth Jim Hooper is still dead and that what we see in this trailer rather corresponds to his past.

Another of the theories points to the first seasons, when Dr. Brenner reveals this dialogue when working with children with super powers:

"With your help, that of Eleven and the other children here, it is a war that we can win," says the doctor, as the theory refers to the Fra War.

What is known on the part of the production, is that in addition to Atlanta in the United States, "the fourth season of Stranger Things shoot some sequences in Lithuanian and even use the same prison set used by Chernobyl of HBO."

With all this framework, plus the images launched as a promotion on February 14, it is most likely that part of the story will move to Eastern Europe, to explain the Russian wave of the third season.

The fiction does not have a release date for its fourth season, but it could even be in the fall of 2021.

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