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Free applications that were previously paid, take advantage and describe them now

We know, the first week of September is terribly hard, especially if you were all August on vacation. There is not much to solve the anguish of returning to work, but we do know how to mitigate this anguish: with free Android games and applications. The return to work is less hard if you have access to quality software at zero euros.

We have selected the best apps and free games so you only have to download them. You know how this works: the offers will remain active for a short time, so we recommend that you hurry down these applications to your mobile. They are worth it, we assure you.

Free Android Apps

Free Android Games

Free Android customization applications

Do not have enough apps? Have you been wanting more offers? No problem: we have others sales and promotions for you. They are so succulent that they are worth taking advantage of even if they cost some money.

PRO alarm clock

In general, most users have enough with the default alarm application, but you may need a device that goes further. As well: PRO alarm clock It is just what you are looking for since this application allows you to create alarms, alarm categories, you can adjust all kinds of melodies, profiles … It is very complete and has 76% discount.

Tweetings for Twitter

Unofficial Twitter customers have been less attractive since the new social network limitations took effect (goodbye to push notifications or real-time Timeline update), but Tweetings for Twitter It keeps a lot of potential. Above now offers the app with a 56% discount, it is worth taking advantage of.

YoWindow Time

An application of time that may not have an exaggerated amount of information, but that does look as polished as it is striking. Animations of time for hours, for days … And just by sliding. It has a 39% discount, check it out.

Spirit HD

Spirit HD

This excellent game has some time on the market, but still offers so much gameplay and fun that it's always worth it. This version on offer is not the one that includes the best graphics since that is reserved for the XHD, but with the HD you have more than enough to rejoice your eyes. Also the wallet: Spirit HD has a 53% discount.

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