Flipboard TV arrives: a new streaming experience

Flipboard TV arrives: a new streaming experience

Flipboard is a mo of the best RSS feed of today.

With your eyes on the enormous interest generated by streaming services, this Tuesday Flipboard present Flipboard TV: a premium platform with a cost of $ 2.99 dollars with video content from hundreds of partners, including Digital Trends. The service dispense with the ads that interrupt before or during the online video and be available exclusively in the new Galaxy S20 family of products, according to the announcement made today at the Galaxy Unpacked event held in San Francisco.

Claus Enevoldsen, vice president of global growth and business development at Flipboard, commented Digital Trends: There is a huge amount of high quality professional video content generated by our partners, but it is not always easy to find. There is a lot of noise out there, and we think we might be able to do better.

The world of streaming Video has skyrocketed in recent months thanks to the launch of premium services such as Disney Plus and CBS All Access, who compete with Hulu and Netflix to offer professional-quality movies and TV shows. However, the many partners that Flipboard works with also produce top-notch video, but it is lost, Enevoldsen said.

Either it is on social networks and mixed with user-generated things, or it is within your own platform. There is a midpoint where we can create a difference and provide an outstanding experience, he said.

Flipboard has stood out thanks to the attractive design of the application and its select collection of contents, and the Flipboard TV service promises to continue with this line. Those who have a Galaxy S20 can access through the screen minus one of the phone, which is sliding to the left on the home screen, and there is a new cone shaped TV at the bottom of the Flipboard app. Within the tab you will find a section with the selection of the editors and you can choose among your favorite sources, from media such as Digital Trends, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Deadline, Indiewire, Variety and more. As usual in Flipboard, there are categories such as Local, News and politics, Business and more. Enevoldsen explained that the goal of Flipboard TV is to help people navigate their favorite topics.

We will have videos from Bike Magazine. We will have videos of Surfer. There is a great panorama out there, and Flipboard has always been good to help you deepen your interests.

Flipboard seal that will provide support to its associates through revenue sharing agreements in which those who generate content receive a fraction of the subscription revenue.

Initially, the experience will be available with the Galaxy S20 family after its launch in March; later on, it will expand its reach, probably to existing Flipboard users with other devices, but also to the growing world of new forms and formats. Enevoldsen commented that it was natural to expect the tablets to be reached, but also to the range of advertised and future folding devices, such as the Galaxy Z Flip, laptops such as the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold and the next Microsoft folding devices, the Surface Duo and the Neo.

Many folding are approaching, and our reaction is: wow, what can be done with this? Now we have a new ground to play. That's great, concluded Enevoldsen.

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