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Falling with your car to the river or why you shouldn't take Google Maps so seriously

car in water

Photo: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin

The purpose of technology is clear: make our lives easier. Thanks to having been able to introduce technology in our day, human beings have been able to perform their daily tasks in a much simpler and faster way. A clear example is the smartphone, since with it we can communicate with other people immediately, know what is happening anywhere in the world and at the moment thanks to the internet and especially, be able to travel without any problem thanks to the GPS built into these devices.

But beware, that technology makes our lives easier does not mean that we have to depend on it at all times. Not only because the technology can fail on occasion, or if they tell these hundred drivers that Google Maps took to a quagmire, but also because paying attention to what the technology tells you is not always recommended.

A driver literally listens to Google Maps and ends up in a ro

Really 5 Google Maps

It happened in the city of Minneapolis at about three in the morning. According to the CBSN Minnesota media, firefighters had to rescue a driver who had finished his car inside the Mississippi River. High hours of the night, a clueless driver and Google MapsWhat could go wrong?

According to the statements of the rescued driver, Google Maps had ordered him to cross the river to reach his destination. Anyone with two toes will know that this indication means crossing the river by some passage or bridge, not literally crossing the river, but this peculiar individual decided to literally listen to the Google app. It is clear, if Google Maps says it will be necessary to pay attention.

Beyond this curious story that makes us think that human stupidity sometimes has no limits (we also do not rule out that the driver was drunk given the time at which the accident occurred), this news serves as a reminder that although the technology is to help us, It should never replace our mind or our common sense.

Relying exclusively on new technologies is not recommended. If the human being has something good about other living beings, is your ability to think and reason. If we replace it with a computer that thinks for us, what do we become? Indeed, in people who decide to cross an icy river with the car because their smartphone has told them to "cross the river by the next exit on the right hand side".