Facial recognition on the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus can easily be mocked

Facial recognition on the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus can easily be mocked

Facial recognition on the Galaxy S10 has not improved on security issues, a video reveals. The S10 Plus (pictured) is also affected.

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Do you think that facial recognition in the Galaxy S10 It is safe? Pin it again.

The renowned Unbox Therapy channel on YouTube published a video in which it shows that facial recognition on the Galaxy S10 can be mocked with a video of the user's face without having to have appropriate conditions such as good lighting or bare face.

In the video, the presenter holds a Galaxy S10 with facial recognition activated and with the screen locked, places a Pixel phone with a video of his face and the Galaxy S10 takes that image of the owner as enough data to unlock. "It turns out that facial unlocking on the new Galaxy S10 is not so safe and is probably less secure than I had expected," says the presenter.

Samsung, during the facial recognition configuration, warns users that this function is considered less secure than other types of security and blocking because there is a possibility that someone similar to the user or using a face image can unlock the device.

The presenter mentions that he expected a safer facial recognition on the S10 due to the absence of a physical fingerprint reader on the back of the device and for the failures he has experienced with the accuracy of the new fingerprint reader integrated into the screen.

This security flaw is not something new. Samsung and other Android manufacturers have been criticized because their facial recognition can be mocked with a photo or video of a user. However, as the video presenter highlights, the security of this system has not improved in recent years despite its high adoption.

Watch the video inserted here, below:

Another video, now from the Italian account SmartWorld.it and specialized in technology, portrays the same event but this time with the Galaxy S10 Plus, the largest model with two cameras in front. The video is practically identical to that of Unbox Therapy, only the presenter of the video posted on Instagram uses an image, not a video, to unlock the phone in a matter of seconds.

Watch that video of the Galaxy S10 Plus here, below:

Apple is one of the few manufacturers (perhaps the only one) that uses a facial recognition 20 times safer than the fingerprint reader, according to the company. Apple, unlike facial recognition on the S10 for example, uses a system that maps not only the image of the face, but also maps the relief. The iPhone X, XS and XR, in each face authentication, emits invisible points to the user's face to verify their authenticity in 2D and 3D. The recognition in an S10 is only 2D, making it easy to make fun.


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