Europe encourages to stop using WhatsApp and switch to Signal

Europe encourages to stop using WhatsApp and switch to Signal

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It is no secret to anyone that WhatsApp is not a 100% secure platform. Therefore, many people go to other messaging tools when they need to be in communication with their friends, family or coworkers. And this time, Europe encourages to stop using WhatsApp and switch to Signal.

There are many alternatives to WhatsApp that can give you a good experience. Although not everyone is clear, there are several messenger applications that are safer and have what it takes to keep you in touch with your people.

Signal, the alternative to WhatsApp that Europe suggests

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The European Union asked its staff to use the Signal messenger application to increase the level of security with which they communicate. Simply put, they want to put WhatsApp aside to make way for this tool available on iOS and Android.

The request arises after the concerns caused by all the misfortunes suffered by the government agency. Why? Because in 2018, both the European Union embassy in Moscow and the diplomatic communications network were hacked.

Signal makes communications between internal staff and people outside the organization much safer. And encrypted emails will remain for confidential information and classified documents. Thanks to this, the European Union considers this application as an excellent way to communicate.

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Unlike WhatsApp, Signal does not preserve message metadata and does not use a cloud as a backup. This, combined with its open source and end-to-end encryption nature, makes it one of the best messenger applications for those who fear being watched.

It is not unreasonable that the European Union suggests using this application instead of WhatsApp. Although it is a tool unknown to most people, it is undoubtedly much safer. If you want to try it and draw your own conclusions, you can download it from the Google Play Store by pressing the button under these lines.