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Do this immediately if you want to improve the performance of your Xiaomi

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The arrival of MIUI 11 has not seated some Xiaomi phones as well as expected. In terminals of the Chinese firm with restrained hardware the user experience may leave something to be desired. Going back to MIUI 10 is not an easy and simple solution. There is also no trick that allows us to increase the speed of the system As if by magic. What we can do is apply a series of methods that allow us to improve the phone's performance, and with it, the response speed.

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Accelerate animations to improve MIUI speed

The best solution to accelerate a Xiaomi mobile is to reduce the time in which the system animations run. Like any method that involves retouching aspects of Android, modifying this parameter requires the activation of what is known as Developer Settings.

Do this immediately if you want to improve the performance of your Xiaomi mobile 1

To activate this hidden menu we will have to go to the section on the telephone, where we will find a statement with the name of MIUI Version, which we will have to play a total of seven times. Next, the system will issue a message to pray that we are already developers. Accessing the development menu is as simple as going to the Additional Settings section within the same Settings application.

Do this immediately if you want to improve the performance of your Xiaomi 2 mobile

Within the menu we will have to slide to the following options:

  • Window animation level
  • Animation level of transitions
  • Duration level of the animations

The ideal thing to make the mobile faster is set the figure to .5x in Animation Scale. We can also choose to disable animations completely. In any case, we will notice a much more flexible performance of the device when opening applications and navigating between MIUI options.

Limit the processes that run in the background

Running several applications at once on Xiaomi phones with 1 2 GB of RAM can significantly hinder the performance of MIUI. Therefore, the most recommended is limit the number of processes running in the background in RAM. Again we will have to resort to Developer Settings to modify this parameter.

Once inside the mentioned menu, we will go to the Application section, and more specifically until the option Limit background processes. Depending on the amount of RAM of our phone, we will have to set a figure between 1 and 4.

From we recommend setting the figure at 2 3. We must take into account, however, that applications reload their content constantly to be limited by the system, especially those that consume excess memory.

Disable automatic updates from Play Store

It's a fact: Google Services consume a lot of resources on Android. Part of this consumption is due to automatic updates from the Google store. They not only slow down the system, they also take up a good deal of RAM space Of the device.

Do this immediately if you want to improve the performance of your Xiaomi 3 mobile

To limit the update of applications we will have to go to the Google Play application and then deploy the side menu. Within this menu we will go to the Settings section and finally to Update applications automatically.

The ideal is leave the option Do not update applications automatically. If we want to update the applications later, we can do it manually through the My applications and games section.