Sebastian Jimenez

Diablo 3 had a second planned expansion, which was canceled – Report

Devil 4 The development apparently had problems, since Blizzard was not sure of the direction to take the franchise in the future. However, even before that, it seems that Devil I was having some development problems at the company, with Jason Shcreier's report investigating the state of the Devil Kotaku franchise mentioning a second expansion planned for Devil 3, also scuppered in development.

This second expansion was something that the fans had been waiting for for a while, and it seems that Blizzard intended to meet on that front. However, around 2013 or 2014, just before the launch of Soul reaperBlizzard announced internally that Devil 3The second expansion will be canceled.

"What they told the team was: 'You are done Soul reaper, is very good. But we believe that the best thing for the IP is to move on to Devil iv in any way whatsoever. The general sense in the team, at least in my opinion, was that there was no vote of confidence from the executives. They thought Diablo III it was a giant fuss, "an annima source is quoted.

"The general perception was that management thought, 'This team really ruined it.' They could wait a few months and see how reaper They did, but in their mind.

The [Diablo III] was irredeemable. "

Apparently, even the eventual success of Soul reaper, widely credited for having changed the game, it was not enough for Blizzard to move, and development instead changed to Devil 4, codenamed Hades, a game that will find its own part of problems.

I wish Blizzard had stayed with Devil 3 For a while, it was clear that they were on the right track when they rescued the game, but chose to leave it at a critical moment. Devil 3 Now available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.