Maria Montero

Destiny 2 Black Armory Launch plans and more detailed

Bungie has given information on when to expect the next big update of Destiny 2, Black Armory, along with a warning about some growth problems that may arise. The new content will be removed on December 4, and Bungie warns that the previous week may pose unforeseen problems while preparing to implement the update.

In an update on the official blog, the team says it is working to make a list of temporary changes so that players know what to expect, and encourages anyone affected by an unexpected error in the help forum.

The Black Armera is part of the new Forge Season, which will begin on November 27. Follow the Drifter Season, followed by another unnamed season. Season of the Forge add the new event The Dawning, the new content of Crucible and the new weapons. The holders of the Annual Pass that can access the Black Armory will obtain weapons of Light and Fury, the new activities of Forges of the Chain, a Raid's Den, Exotic and Legendary.

The blog also not a set of changes that come to the hybrid Gavit mode PvP / PvE. Infamy will be more readily available, and infamy point prizes for all rewards will double. Several challenges have been re-tuned to make it easier to complete and a new reward is the main envoy. The classification in the subdivisions grant legendary weapons and armor. In addition, players who receive their second primordial can only receive a "comeback" stack from Primeval Slayer, rather than multiple performance-based accumulations.

If you need to accumulate Infamia, next week will be the time. A Double Infamia event will take place next Tuesday, November 20 until Friday, November 23, followed by a Triple Infamia event from November 23 until Tuesday, November 27.

Finally, Bungie suggested that the transition to the next year of Destiny 2 come with its own changes and plans for the future. The company has said previously that it has a full year of content planned after Forsaken. Black Armory be the first piece of content for Annual Pass holders and will offer more free content for everyone.

"The time has come to start a new conversation about how Destin's final game and continue to thrive in the coming months," says the blog. "What will each season contain for each Destiny 2 player? How is the Annual Pass added to that experience? These are the questions we want to answer by presenting you with a complete way to enjoy your hobby as Guardians with new challenges. To conquer and new rewards. What do you want to add to your inventory?

"Next week, as the holiday season begins in our neck of the forest, the news that comes out of our studio will be random and light. The following week, we will explore all the details of another type of season. Stay tuned for next after."

This occurs just after Activision publicly noted that the Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion does not meet sales targets. In that call, the company said it will be looking for new ways for players to pass through the microtransactions in the game. As Bungie plans whatever he has in store for seasonal content, he may also have to make changes to meet the revenue expectations of the game publisher.