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Dell introduces Latitude 12, its powerful new rugged tablet


Dell introduces Latitude 12, its powerful new rugged tablet

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July 21, 2015

Dell rugged tablets

All analysts agree: the tablet market has stagnated and the business sector will be essential for the growth of the coming years. When we think about these "professional use" tablets, we tend to tend towards models like Surface Pro 3, with good design and great specifications, natural substitutes for the laptop. But what about professionals who don't work in an office? These are also part of the business sector and his answer is the rugerized tablets, devices prepared to work in demanding and increasingly common conditions. Dell joins this fight with Latitude 12.

Companies like Panasonic with its ToughPad or Fujitsu range with the Stylistic They had dominated until now the business of rugerized tablets, with the specific appearances of brands like Samsung that last year presented the Galaxy Tab Active or Dell itself, which is not the first contact it has with this type of devices. What is clear is that there is a need for many companies and an interest of more and more manufacturers to meet that need, which will make the ultra-resistant tablets be much more frequent from now on.

Dell Latitude 12 interface rugged tablet

Dell Latitude 12

Focusing on the device that Dell just introduced. The Latitude 12 has a display of 11.6 inches and 1,366 x 768 pixels resolution that although it is not spectacular, according to the firm, it works perfectly with gloves and in full sunlight, something that will be much appreciated by the workers who use it. It comes equipped with processors Intel Core-X (Broadwell), up to 512 GB of SSD storage and a battery that guarantees 12 screen hours. It also has 802.11ac WiFi, GPS, Intel vPro, Intel TPM 1.2 and mobile connectivity (optional) as well as Windows 8.1 as an operating system (upgradeable to Windows 10) and the option to install a keyboard cover and attachments to fix it.

It has granted the IP65 certification which guarantees a certain resistance to water and dust, the entire chassis is covered by a series of protections that will prevent damage from falling to heights above one meter, has physical keys and a specially protected screen and supports temperatures between -20 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit. It is definitely a team that Dell says can be very useful for emergency teams, adventurers or military, field where you must compete with the DURABOOK R11 that we presented a few weeks ago.

Dell has not yet specified the dates on which this Latitude 12 will be available or the cost of the different configurations that will be marketed, although we do know its price will start at $ 3,000.

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