Create a Virtual Switchboard for your Business from an iPad

A business infrastructure in the cloud

VCentral is a new application that will be very useful for companies that want to use a switchboard that classifies their incoming calls. With VCentral you can control schedules, departments, fax, mailbox and more from your iPad. In a very simple and without any installation in the company, you can control all the parameters from your tablet.

This product is ideal for SMEs, freelancers or simply for someone who has a website and does not want to publish their phone number on the Internet Either have different departments or because you want to establish a schedule of calls so that you are not disturbed at any time of the day.

(You can download the app by clicking on the download button in the following box)

VCentral operation

The application has a very intuitive interface, with very representative icons of the associated functions. The advantages and possibilities offered by this application are very numerous. Among them we highlight:

  • To establish a Welcome message for incoming calls.
  • List your departments to filter calls.
  • Set up a menu, so that the caller Directly access the required department by dialing a number on the telephone keypad. For example: press one to speak with technical service, press two for commercial, etc …
  • your voice mail Record all calls that could not be answered and automatically send you an email informing you of the date, number and voicemail in mp3 format, in case the caller has left any. An interesting part of this function is that it can also be applied to calls received after working hours and calendar that you previously established in the application.

Associated services

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You can buy a 902 from the application, which will allow you to start the switchboard immediately. If you want to divert calls to a mobile phone or prefer another type of numbering (a 91, 900, 901 …) it will be necessary to contract the service from the web. Also special numbers can be hired (803, 806).

When downloading the application, a Free registration to start configuring all parameters necessary. You can also try the switchboard for a limited time for free, so you can see first-hand all the benefits of this application.

The best of VCentral for iPad and iPad Mini

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<p>The application <strong>It represents a significant saving for companies or self-employed</strong>, which can benefit from their own switchboard without the costs of the large switchboards that operators operate in companies. Another important point is that it does not use IP Voice, but traditional telephone, which ensures maximum call quality. The saving is important and the quality of the calls excellent.</p><div class='code-block code-block-6' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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The least good of VCentral for iPad

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If you can object to the application, it may be the design of your user interface. The icons are clear and large, but not It is optimized to the design of iOS 7, something that would be appreciated to homogenize the ecosystem of applications of our iPad or iPad Mini.

This is VCentral in action

Download Vcentral for iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone

In short, VCentral is an application that help manage the call flow of SMEs, with considerable savings. A great tool to increase the productivity of SMEs and self-employed.

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