Compact adapter that guarantees powerful Internet connection throughout the home

Compact adapter that guarantees powerful Internet connection throughout the home

Devolo continues to make interesting proposals land in the Spanish market focused on keeping users connected to the Internet.

This time, the native brand of Aquisgrn, Germany, has brought its new PLC-Powerline WiFi adapter with range + technology, equipped with two antennas and capable of offering a WiFi connection with speeds of up to 300 Mb per second, while wired, through the existing electrical network, speeds of up to 500 Mb per second.

Its about dLAN 550 WiFi model, also equipped with an Ethernet port to connect the terminals by cable, and developed with the idea that it is possible to occupy a smaller space and, at the same time, to have a better performance.

With respect to the last point, sources from the German leader have illustrated that the new devolo dLAN is an incredibly compact adapter, so it can be connected anywhere in the home.

Delving into the pluses of this devolo terminal, it is worth mentioning that covers distances of up to 400 meters, guaranteeing really fast downloads and uncut streaming services. In addition, and to provide efficient protection against unauthorized access, Wireless data transmission is secured with WPA and PLC-Powerline transmission uses 128-bit AES encryption.

On the other hand, this German proposal that comes with three years of manufacturer warranty- incorporates the Clone WiFi function and the Move WiFi technology; both, developed by the company.

WiFi Clone transfers all the configuration data of the WiFi network from the user's router at the touch of a button and using WPS, allowing devices to connect to the new WiFi access point automatically; while WiFi Move comes into play when additional adapters are installed, such as to have a connection in the dining room, home office, basement or attic with a high speed WiFi connection.

This technology automatically connects the new adapters to an existing WiFi network, creating a unique extensible WiFi network throughout the home. It also copies all optional settings such as parental control, timers or similar functions from existing adapters.

Application ScenariosApplication Scenarios

However, About the procedure to configure a new PLC-Powerline network, it has been known to be very simple. It is only enough that the user plug the first adapter into an outlet that is close to the router and then connect it to it. Then, connect the second adapter to any other socket in the house, from where to provide Internet connection and even a WiFi access point in the case of the dLAN 500 WiFi.

This technology allows up to eight adapters to be used in a single electrical circuit and provides a stable WiFi connection in any room.

Availability and price

devolo dLAN 550 WiFi is for sale in stores or on the company's portal as single adapter to 79.90 euros; in Starter Kit (with an additional dLAN 550 duo + adapter to connect to the router) a 119.90 euros; and in Network Kit (with two 550 dLAN WiFi and a dLAN 550 duo +) to 179.90 euros.

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