AirPods Pro en patatas

Can't you imagine where this man found his lost AirPod

AirPods Pro in potatoes

Unfortunately, AirPods are a device that, due to their use or size, are easily lost. What we never imagined was to see a story like this. Will Sigmon (@WSig on Twitter) has shared the story of how he lost one of his AirPods Pro and I found it in one of the strangest places we could think of.

Sure enough, inside a bag of potatoes. Apparently, After losing the handset in question, Will thought that the possibility of searching for it with the Search app on his iPhone is simply summarized in the case and not AirPods themselves, as he comments in the tweets that followed his story. When he learned about this his headset had already run out of battery power, and unfortunately Will had already bought a replacement AirPod Pro. When a week later he went to eat chips from a bag that was open, he found his lost AirPod in the contents. He says he thought he will never see his headset again.

All this may sound perfectly to invented history, but Will himself has uploaded the reliable test of his third replacement AirPod Pro. Making it clear that I really thought I had lost it.

We hope you have cleaned the headset well in case you are going to continue using it. For all those likely to lose things (AirPods among others) Luckily, Apple headphones can track and even make them sound if we lose them in locations such as inside the house. Simply enter the Search app and search your device list for your AirPods. In this way, losing them between the sheets or the openings of the sofa does not become a headache again.

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