Cannon Shot!

Cannon Shot! it is the example of the good use of object physics

Cannon Shot! It is a new casual in which you play in the best way with object physics and those balls that we are shooting with our cannon. These balls have to reach their destination so that they enter the cube perfectly and we can continue to progress through the levels.

Best of all is the design of the levels themselves so that we have to break the coconut a bit as we progress. And this title has a great curve of difficulty to add elements as we progress. Without forgetting a great design language in the visual.

Place the pieces to play well

Cannon shot

First, in Cannon Shot! we will have to place a platform that will handle be the "bounce" we need for the balls that we shoot reach the final objective. That is none other than entering the cube.

Our mission is to try that all the balls reach their destination, although it will not be easy, since they will begin to arise different random elements and mechanisms with whom we will have to do. We talk about mechanisms that rotate or move so that the trajectory changes and those balls do not reach their destination.

That is, you will have to move several objects to devise the perfect path for the balls you shoot. At least, you will be able to perform tests with a shot ball and at the moment you have the trajectory taken well, and keep the screen pressed to launch the rest.

Putting difficult things in Cannon Shot!

Cannon shot

And thanks that make things difficult. First we will have to wait as hell's skewers move to clear the way and take advantage of the moment to start shooting. The same happens with the platforms that we have to place at the beginning and they have to be well placed in the right place so that the balls bounce at the right height to jump all kinds of elements.

Cannon shot

You'll even have to deal with them final bosses when you finish a quota of x levels and mainly it will be to eliminate the life of the final boss. This will be protected by some mechanisms so we will have to study well when we can take advantage of the moment to start the ball shots.

This is how a casual one arises that is getting very good reviews and that is placed as that casual of logic in which we have to think a bit before operating the cannon. All seasoned with a very real object physics and that helps us complete the levels. It would be a pearl for a physics teacher to show his students some of the laws that apply in Cannon Shot!

Object physics plays its part

Cannon shot

A casual highly recommended and in which we will have a good number of levels to enjoy quietly And without much hurry. Because here everything depends on pressing the screen to fire the cannon and it throws its balls in the default trajectory and we take care of putting the appropriate elements to meet the objective.

A freemium with a great object physics and characterized by having a great visual aesthetic It helps to understand the logic of the levels. One of those games that goes very well for its mechanics, design and levels more than care. Of course, freemium is equal to advertising and those ads that you will have to see, unless you pay.

Cannon Shot! You have it for free from the Play Store to join the thousands of players who are already enjoying their object physics and that simple way of understanding how to make a difficult game, but that can be completed. We leave you with another interesting casual from Ketchapp Games and that is very used to launch great games in this category.