Pokémon GO is updated with Pokémon babies and Christmas event

babies Pokmon and Pikachu from Pap Noel

Niantic was expected to present the largest update of Pokémon GO, and it is already on the move. Although it will not be so big: of the 100 Pokémon expected so far there are 2 confirmed; more will come.

The day that all the Pokémon masters were waiting for has finally arrived: the mobile game is renewed with new creatures. We missed more news, that Pokémon GO regained the interest of the players by force to correct the defects by adding what we demanded. Good: Niantic has put the batteries to refresh his star game.

Pichu, Togepi, other Pokémon babies and Pikachu with hat

We expected the 100 Pokémon of the second generation, it was news that moved weeks ago thanks to the source code of the app. Well, we already have more Pokémon. Two confirmed arrive, but cannot be captured: they will only come out of the eggs. Hopefully they will appear more by surprise, as in the case of Ditto.

The game broadens horizons, although it falls much shorter than we expected. We can get Pichu and Togepi, two of the Pokémon babies that release Pokémon GO. These cannot be captured since they will only come out of the eggs. So you know: it's time to go through the Poképaradas and walk so that all the eggs hatch. So that only Nidoran and Paras come out, sure.

Pokémon GO is updated with Pokémon babies and Christmas event

It is hoped that it is a first step to receive the second generation Pokémon, but it seems to me insufficient in the light of the few novelties that we have been receiving since the game's exit. I recognize that I became hooked again by force to set myself an objective; and this update has greatly disappointed me. It is not necessary to make illusions by force of rumor and filtration, it is clear, but releasing small patches to droppers we won't get the players back.

Christmas comes to Pokémon with Pikachu wearing a hat

Pokémon GO is updated with Santa's Pokémon and Pikachu babies

I understand you: the game started strong, the fever of hunting Pokémon spread like a virus in which you also fell infected. And with the time Pokémon GO It became so monotonous that you ended up not booting it, forgetting it in a folder and finally it ended up uninstalled. The time has come to reinstall it.

In addition to the Pokémon babies that will come out of the eggs, Niantic commemorates Christmas with a new event. Although, at least for now, without objects, dust or added experience. Mind you: we can get to Pikachu with a Santa hat. In Niantic they assure that there will be enough so that no Pokémon master runs out of his Christmas Pikachu.